1. 30% off at J.Crew! I have been living in this blouse and will be stocking up on these shorts.

2. Doable DIY projects I'm dying to tackle.

3. Famous places photographed from above. The one of Central Park is awesome.

4. In case you missed it: a new career spotlight.

5. Is it weird to wishlist a plant? I totally want this beauty for my apartment.

6. Kate Spade for Gap Kids. Think I can squeeze into a size XL?! 

7. My new favorite way to get the news.

8. Oh how I wish I could paint like this! I loved this tour of Teil Duncan's art studio.

9. The perfect striped tee.

10. Why I don't wear makeup: a great read on being comfortable in your own skin.


Thanks to all your awesome recommendations, I have a fun-packed weekend in Austin ahead of me! I couldn't be more excited. If you want to see what we're up to, be sure to follow along on Instagram! In terms of travel clothes, I kept it super unfussy so we can do lots of walking before my feet start to hurt. Love the look above? Great news: the sunglasses, ring, wallet, shorts, and weekender are all under $75. Happy weekend indeed! xx


I think I finally have the furniture layout of my new apartment figured out so now it's time to decide where to hang everything. I can't decide whether to keep my mirror over the sofa like it is right now or whether to mix it up and hang a gallery wall there (lots of gallery wall inspiration here). When I found this tour of interior designer Ali Fuge's apartment, I was instantly smitten with her sofa styling and thought I'd put together a little guide to getting the look...

scarf  //  sofa  //  blue pillows  //  pink pillow  //  rug  //  peony  //  tray  //  Aerin book  //  Slim Aarons book

I used to sell framed vintage silk scarves in my boutique but it cost an arm and a leg to ship them. So instead I'd find yourself a silk scarf you like on Etsy or at a flea market, order a custom frame (I buy mine here), and admire your one-of-a-kind find. Thoughts on this look? What do you have above your sofa?