I have a confession to make: I haven’t crossed anything off my 101 in 1001 list in probably a month. It might not sound terrible, but if you do the math, I should average crossing off one goal every 10 days, so this is definitely a setback! Of course it’s natural for priorities to shift during a cross-country move, but I’ve even had a tough time getting back into it since we arrived in Dallas. I finally realized the reason: there was a whole New York section of my list, about half of which I had completed, and I wasn’t sure how to reconcile those goals with the fact that 1) I no longer live there and 2) want to take advantage of my new city.

design darling | editing your goals to match your life

So I finally made myself sit down, shorten my list of New York goals, and create a few goals I want to tackle in Dallas. I kept a few New York goals since we’ll be back to visit plenty of times (and we had already a booked a New York staycation for a Taylor Swift concert in July, which will now be more of a vacation!). I’m really excited to get back into the swing of things now that I’ve made a few tweaks to my list to reflect recent (big) changes in my life. I’m now a strong believer in editing your goals to match your life and wanted to encourage you to do the same if you’ve been in a similar rut.

For those of you chugging away at your own 101 in 1001 lists (more than 130 and counting!), it’s never too late to change course and edit your goals to ones you’re more motivated to tackle. Whether you’ve outgrown a certain goal, developed new passions, or, yes, changed cities, it’s great to catch your list up to speed so you stay inspired to keep crossing off your goals!

You can see my freshly edited list here and, as always, tweet me your list if you’re inspired to write one! I’ll add you to the bottom of my list so other readers can click over and check out your progress. I occasionally guilt myself that writing about interiors and style is rather frivolous… But then I remind myself that if each one of you crossed off one of the goals you’ve written down because this blog inspired you to write your own 101 in 1001 list, I will have changed the world in some small way. Go get ‘em!


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moda operandi monogram shop

Kayu Bali clutch  //  Neon monogrammed Stubbs

Hot pink monogrammed Stubbs  //  Kayu Makaha clutch

Kayu bonjour striped clutch  //  Orange monogrammed Stubbs

The sale ends in less than a week so time is of the essence! Shop the entire assortment here and let me know what’s coming home with you. There are even monogrammed undies if you want to go all out. ;) This may just be the excuse I need to splurge on my first pair of Stubbs… What about you?


design darling | terracotta pots white flowers


1. A cool way to add architectural interest over your windows.

2. A darling picnic basket for weekend afternoons.

3. A seriously gorgeous home tour.

4. Cannot stop staring at the back of this top.

5. Five things happy people have in their homes.

6. How much you should tip in 67 countries around the world.

7. In case you missed them, two more outfits here and here from our trip to the Amalfi Coast.

8. Jenna Lyons cut her hair… and it’s perfect.

9. New arrivals in the boutique! (Psst, I’ll be restocking the pineapple jars next week — couldn’t believe how fast they sold out!)

10. No one does chic neutrals better than my friend Krystal.

11. Really enjoyed this interview with Sarah Vickers. Such an inspiration!

12. The perfect beach bag.



This was our last week before Will starts his new job on Monday so we knew we had to make lots of progress unpacking and settling in to the rest of the house. We’re still a long way from the finish line in the living area and the home office but the most functional rooms (kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms) are finally organized and in working order. Getting all the clutter off our kitchen counters and sliding our new bar stools underneath the island for the first time was so gratifying. I am so excited to have a real kitchen (and pantry!) to stock with groceries and pots and pans (it’s the little things, especially after life in New York!).

serena and lily riviera bar stools navy

I’ve been envisioning Serena & Lily’s Riviera counter stools in the space ever since we closed on the house and they definitely did not disappoint. Shipping was crazy fast (especially since I ordered them during a 20% off sale) and they’re just as beautiful as I hoped they would be! You might also recognize the mirrored bar cart (tray here, stand here) from the One Room Challenge, which somehow made it in one piece from New York. It’s in between the kitchen and living area for right now but we’ll see where it winds up once our sectional arrives in a few weeks.

I’m having so much fun ticking away at our to do list and even deciding which purchases are most pressing. We’ve been labeling everything either “have to have” (e.g. kitchen stools so we have a place to eat) or “nice to have” (like the perfect dining table and chairs or upgrading the guest bedroom mattress from a full to a queen — we’ve been sleeping there until our bed arrives next week!). Since this is our first time living together, it’s funny to see which items we have duplicates of (bathroom scales, too many mismatched end tables) and which items somehow neither of us owns (most kitchen necessities). Thankfully Will’s mom has been helping us set up shop so the two of us can become master chefs one of these days (yeah, we’ve got a looong way to go). Here are a few kitchen tools that are practically pretty enough to keep on display:


With a new season upon us and a brand new house to decorate, it’s safe to say I’ve got interior design on the brain in a major way. We’re waiting for a few big items to arrive (our canopy bed arrives next week!) before getting into the fun stuff like accessorizing and hanging art but I just have to share a few of the bright happy things I’ve found in my online perusing. You may have spotted the record player in my Instagram yesterday!

spring decorating — 20 bright finds to spruce up your space for spring

one  //  two  //  three  //  four

five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight

nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve

thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen  //  sixteen

seventeen  //  eighteen  //  nineteen  //  twenty

I’m eyeing these bookshelves to house my ever-expanding collection of coffee table books and this delightful palm tree holder to corral some of my jewelry. And if you ask me, I’m not sure how I don’t already own these striped dinner plates because honestly, have you ever seen anything more quintessentially Design Darling in your life?!

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