It's here, it's here! Shopbop's spring shopping event runs through tomorrow and I've already taken advantage! Here are my top ten picks in case you're eager to add something to your cart (and why not, with free shipping and returns?!):

1. A classic Tory Burch wallet (I have it in tan!)

I picked up this and this (future outfit posts perhaps?) and it's taking all my self-restraint not to place a second order before the promotion ends! What goodies are coming to live chez vous? Do tell!

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Jessie Springer said...

I just can't resist the shopbop spring event! I posted my favorite pick yesterday on my blog but I might have to add the navy maxi dress to my cart too :)



Jessie Springer said...

PS: Random question... Is it possible to wear a bra under that Rachel Pally dress?

Amber Curtis said...

Did you have to get the maxi dress altered? I've been searching high and low for a maxi dress that doesn't look ridiculous on me (I'm 5'1")

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

Jessie — I don't (eek!) but it wouldn't be impossible with the right strapless bra.

Amber — I'm 5'1" too! I did have it hemmed as I do with most items in my closet ;) The proportions are still great though!