What. A. Week! I'll be working most of the weekend but I'm excited to squeeze in Sunday brunch with my girlfriends and a little quality time with Rory. Here are a few things going on in my world of late:

- Brunched at Schiller's with Alex, Amy, and Emily. How perfect is Amy's Instagram? She's a must-follow for pretty snaps around the city.

- Drooled over Loren Hope's new site designed by my talented friend Sarah. Whether you're looking for cute baubles or web design inspiration, I highly recommend you check it out! Gorgeous.

- Found so many awesome new products for my boutique at NYIGF. My mom and I were exhausted by the end of it but I can't wait to roll everything out on the site over the next couple months! 

- Rejoiced in seeing these adorable bras back at Madewell. They are so comfy and come in a ton of must-have colors!

- Shared a few snippets and sources of my apartment! Hoping I can commit to a few furniture purchases this weekend.

- Smiled every time I saw my new desk chair from Society Social. Navy upholstery with white piping and a big white bow? It was a no-brainer. Pictures to come!

- Started planning outfits for fashion week next week. I can't wait to share pictures! Follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

Have a great weekend, friends! xx

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Jenn from A Pop of Style said...

Those bras look so cute. And I can't wait to see more new items in your boutique. What a fun thing to have your own business :) Can't wait to see pics of your apt!


A Pop of Style

Karen A. said...

So escited for Fashion Week, can't wait to see pictures :)


amy. said...

You are too kind! Thank you for the sweet shout-out :)

Looking forward to another fantastic Sunday brunch!

allee foster said...

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