Practically everyone I've met in New York has a list of restaurants they're anxious to try. I started mine after reading your comments on this post and have been adding to it based on friends' recommendations and pretty Instagram photos ever since. As a challenge to myself to a) try new places in new neighborhoods and b) branch out into more lifestyle content without posting recipes I can't cook, I decided to start sharing some of my newfound favorites here on the blog with the help of my friend Amy's fabulous photography!

What: Sunday brunch at Jack's Wife Freda

Where: 224 Lafayette Street, SoHo

Why: Adorable branding, avocado toast, cute waiters, outdoor seating, waffles made with rosewater... Yum

Have any of you been to Jack's Wife Freda? What are some of your favorite brunch spots in the city? You know I'm taking notes!

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Christine DiCorcia said...

There's nothing better in a restaurant when good food, a fun atmosphere and great branding collide! Have never been, but will definitely be checking it out now!

Jess said...

Pylos in the West Village. Amazing.

Molly Dexter said...

Ekk!This is one of my faves!It's a Sunday brunch staple for my friends and I. Try Bubby's on Hudson, too good!

Lindsey [Realistically Lovely] said...

This is one of my favorite brunch spots in the city! I would also recommend Sons of Essex - went there recently and great food and vibes!


Alex said...

This looks delicious, I'll have to try it next time I'm in NYC.

Meghan Donovan said...

I've somewhat embarrassingly eaten here twice in the past 3 days. So good! Next I have to go for brunch and not just dinner but it's such a charming ambiance. Let's you and I go sometime soon!?

Vett Vandiver said...

omg the avocado toast, so yum!!

Hannah said...

You had me at avocado.

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Jackie {York Avenue} said...

You're so right about having a list of restaurants you're dying to try in NYC-I think mine is a mile long! This place is definitely on it. My favorite brunch spot is probably Sarabeths-amazing pancakes. I love the location near the park where you can sit outside, and the one on Madison which is in what feels like an old townhouse. Also Alices Tea Cup-it's super cute and the food is surprisingly delish!

Crumbs and Curls said...

Restaurants in NYC are the BEST! For breakfast/brunch/lunch Max Brenner is amazing, if you haven't tried it I highly recommend it!


michelle said...

mmmm avocado toast.

Caitlin Cawley said...

one of my classmates worked on the branding for this restaurant while interning with some of the professor's from my school. they sure did a great job!

Jessica Joyce said...

I try not to make a list of restaurants to see in NYC because I know it'll just pile up! I'm more "go with the flow" and just go in so that I can try everything!

Your Friend, Jess

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

Oh I've never heard of this place before. I will have to try it. Waffles made with rosewater sounds heavenly. Have you tried Penelope's yet? It's amazing! I'm also fond of La Giara and Markt. Markt has chocolate chip pancakes with Belgium chocolate sauce. Need I say more?

erin the exuberant. said...

My favorite brunch places so far since moving to NYC are: COMMERCE, the Stanton social, cafe gitane, and balthazar.

Jessica said...

My favorite meal in the city each week!

Here's my favorites list:
Clinton Street Baking Company
Good Enough To Eat
Extra Virgin
Tipsy Parson
Hundred Acres

All are FAB!

Happy Eating...

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