I know they're not for everyone but I'm seriously debating a pair of over the knee boots for fall. These ladies — Chrissy Teigen, Emmanuelle Alt, and Olivia Palermo — make them look pretty darn chic, wouldn't you agree? If you're contemplating a pair of your own, here are a few choice selections:

Quick observation: my favorites are navy or tan (less expected than black) and, as much as I love a high heel, I think a flat heel is your safest bet with an over the knee style. What do you think? Would you wear over the knee boots? Do you have a favorite pair?


Hunter said...

I love this trend so much! I think I'm too short to rock it however haha :)


Amy said...

I love this trend, but I'm terrified I'll look like I'm channeling Julia Roberts à la Pretty Woman!
I think you might just have given me the confidence to take the plunge!

xo Amy | Well-Educated


The first pair is timeless!


DaniMarie said...

I love the OTK boot trend (I am currently on the hunt for the perfect cognac pair). But, OTK boots are tricky for me because I am only 5'1". I generally find the 19" shafts work the best for my height. I have a black Coach pair from last year that work perfectly.

Zina said...

Chrissy Teigan has legs for days, I think it would be hard to pull this off if you're anything short of Amazonian.
And definitely flats or you risk going Pretty Woman pre-makeover.

And how cute it that little girl in her mini trench and flats!

Tianna Gallinaro said...

Over the knee boots look amazing on people with long legs, but sadly they would swallow mine up. LOVE them on Olivia Palermo though!

inaworldofbees.com said...

I am in love with the over the knee trend! I want a flat pair (though I already have a pair) and a high heeled pair!


Alex said...

I really like the knee high boot trend but I worry because I am so short that it will consume me and make me look even shorter. I would probably need a heel on mine if I ever bought them!

Natalie Hodak said...

my stuart weitzman 50/50s were the BEST purchase i made last year. i wore them through all of winter and into spring!


Sugar Snap Pearls said...

I have a pair of Diba boots from DSW that I got last year and I love (they have a similar style again this year)! I definitely think flat heels are safest and make them more versatile...I love wearing mine because it's a bit of a break from my normal preppy, classic style!


3girls1apple said...

I'm highly obsess with over the knee boots =)


Lacey Moody said...

I would definitely say no heel! Chic without looking too overtly sexy or (dum, dum, dum) hookerish! I would love to find a great pair for under a $100! Let me know if you find any!

michelle said...

i love them but don't know how they would work since i'm so short. i can barely find normal boots that work for me.

Bon Vivant DC said...

I have the Chinese Laundry pair and they are SO comfortable. My style is pretty preppy & classic, and I've been amazed at how easily I've incorporated the style into different looks. - Alison

Jessie Springer said...

I really like these:


and the price isn't bad! :)


Lauren said...

I really love the over the knee boot trend!


Vett Vandiver said...

I think these are great when worn by tall people! i'm too short to pull this off :(

Leslie: DowntownHaute said...

The first pair is perfect!!

I've been eying the 5050 Boot. I'm on the hunt for the perfect over-the-knee boot!


Jessica Joyce said...

Flat, knee-high boots are so beautiful and sophisticated and I'm obsessed with them. At the same time, I feel that I'm too short to pull them off-- then again, my impulse is still to buy them. Let's see how you work it!

Your Friend, Jess

Katies Bliss said...

My thoughts exactly! I need a pair of these in my life - definitely a trend I want to try out soon.


Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Of course, Olivia Palermo nailed it. I think the flat, non heel makes her pair the best look. Plus her whole outfit is just perfect.

Marta said...

Stunning first photo!


P.S.LilyBoutique said...

Gorgeous boots! :)


Elena HELA said...

Perfect boots especially the first!


Jerrell Green said...

I'm so obsessed with the 3.1 Phillip Lim Ora boots! I just can't decide which color I like better. And I've had my eye on the Stuart Weitzman boots for over a year, but haven't gone through with the purchase yet. I definitely need to do it this season!