heidi bianco west village apartment
heidi bianco west village apartment
heidi bianco west village apartment
heidi bianco west village apartment
heidi bianco west village apartment
heidi bianco west village apartment
heidi bianco west village apartment
heidi bianco west village apartment

Well, you guys, it's official! I found a new studio apartment and I'm moving at the end of the month (I'll get to cross #53 off my list!). I have loved my time on the Upper East Side but I'm really excited to live closer to a few friends, my favorite restaurants, and the charm-filled cobblestone streets of the West Village. 

Once I get past the sticker shock of brokers' fees and security deposits, I cannot wait to start decorating my new space. The layout is pretty similar to my current space but a little larger (hallelujah!) and I think I can mix up the furniture layout to keep things feeling fresh. This means my interior inspiration is kicking into overdrive so I hope you'll be okay with some extra decorating content around here! When it looks like the above apartment, I can't image you'll mind too much. ;)

Heidi is a design assistant for interior genius Celerie Kemble so it comes as no surprise that her West Village studio is beyond chic. Things I love: the vanity table next to her bed (genius given how tiny NYC bathrooms are!), the styling of her bookshelves (a place for everything and everything in its place), topiaries aplenty, that skylight (those ceilings!), the neutral area rug tying together each space... Oh and her jumpsuit. Could I pull that off?!

Shop the look:

*all photos via House Beautiful


Kelly said...

Congrats! I look forward to seeing you the new apartment!

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the booties in your last outfit.


Hunter said...

What a gorgeous apartment! I am so excited to see your new apartment when you finish!

Prep on a Budget

Laura (bright and beautiful) said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

Leslie said...

Congratulations! It's sounds like you already have lots of inspiration for your new place.

Jessica Joyce said...

You could pull off any type of outfit, Mackenzie. I just can't wait for the "before and after" photos of the apartment.
Your Friend, Jess

M said...

Gorgeous & WOW small world! I grew up down the street from Heidi :) congrats on the new apartment!

kapcity said...

congratulations on the new place!! I can't wait to see more home decor content!!!

marni zarr said...

share away mackenzie! how exciting!

Portuguese Prepster said...

congratulations on the new apartment, I'm a huge fan of the West Village! so many great spots to eat!

Ashley B said...

Congrats! I hope you share every step in the process of decorating your new place!

Ashley | History in High Heels

michelle said...

love love love this place! looks similar to mine except i just painted my walls a light blue and have a striped rug! i can't wait to see your new place! so excited for you!

Katherine Bousson said...

Gorg!! What beautiful inspiration! Could you share your moving story/tips in NY?? Would love to hear!


Tali Lekorenos said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see how you decorate your new place, I'm sure it will be fantastic! x

Rachel Bell said...

Love the use of blues! The curtains are beautiful in those rooms too.

Lauren said...

Congrats on the new studio apartment!


Emily Corley said...

Congrats! I close on a new place on March 14, so I'm looking forward to decor inspiration overload!

Hayden said...

Congrats on your new apartment! Cannot wait to see how you decorate it!

Hayden | Haute Table

Alexandra Aimee said...

Congrats! The images are absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see how the new one turns out.

-- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Tara Louise said...

Congrats on your new apartment! I was distracted by the super cute outfits in these posts though :)