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desk du jour

white walls, dark floors, cool art... this is one of my favorites!

desk du jour

since you all seemed to love the use of jen's parsons desks in yesterday's desk du jour, i thought i'd provide another example of the high impact of such a simple shape:
if you're still loving the simplicity of this look, i've found a couple of relatively inexpensive options for you:
the ubiquitous west elm parsons desk, $299, available in a variety of finishes.
and a real steal: student desk from overstock, $170, white.

desk du jour

i love the idea of pushing two parsons desks together to create one gigantic workspace. the chic window treatments and perfect inspiration board don't hurt either. this brilliant design courtesy of jen over at made by girl.

desk du jour

a room with a view that incorporates my love of lucite and pink flowers.

desk du jour

this post is less about the desk and more about the awesome inspiration board behind it, not to mention the view of the city skyline to the left.

desk du jour

i don't particularly care for the actual desk here (in fact, i think i hate it) but i love the drawing on the opposite wall, the hodgepodge of colors (kelly green lamp, hot pink and yellow pencil cups, teal and lime green containers...), and the fact that they all work in this otherwise neutral environment.

desk du jour

hardwood floors. painted desk. chic hardware. fresh flowers. white beadboard. textured walls. fun chandelier. from floor to ceiling, truly a perfect little setup.

desk(s) du jour

the same craft table in three finishes and i love all of them! it's a utilitarian piece that houses all your office and library needs, not to mention provides double the desk space. when i checked pottery barn for the link to this particular product, i found that they're actually having a special! so if you're in the market for a craft table and you've got a spare $949 (hey, down from $1,157) lying around, i suggest you place an order for the bedford project table set. i think it's beautiful!

desk du jour

i love the organic arrangement of picture frames and the unlikely combination of chocolate brown, apple green, and red-orange, not to mention the gorgeous hardware on the desk!

on an unrelated note, i would love any suggestions as to how to make pictures bigger in blogger. this picture was uploaded as "large" but it looks anything but. fellow bloggers, any suggestions welcome!

update: i found a bigger image of the same office on houzz. i would still love your suggestions though!

desk du jour

a corner secretary desk looks pretty when it's time to work and folds into itself when the need for extra space arises.

desk du jour

plentiful sunshine and a pretty bouquet lighten up a very grown-up home office.

desk du jour

i am excited to announce the beginning of my first daily feature, desk du jour. in collecting pictures of spaces i admire, i realized i have a particular penchant for home offices. maybe it's just my obsession with school supplies, but i love seeing the places where people often spend the majority of their day and the innovative ways in which they make these spaces somewhere they can go to be inspired and productive. i hope you'll enjoy these daily inspirations as much as i do. without further ado, your first desk du jour:
everything you could possibly want in a home office: lots of natural light, pretty pictures and posters, and a big wide desk to spread out all your things.

desk lust

lots to do this week! admiring these pretty workspaces and thinking they might just motivate me to start checking things off my never-ending list:
i know everybody and their mother has blogged about this home office but it's just too perfect not to repost on the off chance that one of you missed it.
natural light and shiny white floors... yes and yes.
playful lighting and a pretty rug keep this home office from taking itself too seriously.
books, books, and more books. i can't help myself!
are you sensing the pattern?
here's to a productive week for you and me both!

the beauty of books

spent much of the day at barnes & noble scouring travel guides for next semester (when i will be studying in france) and leafing through interior design books. love that books can also be employed as a powerful decor statement once they have been read:
colorful spines add to an already colorful sitting room.
interesting idea to display books with their covers showing instead of their spines.
lots of books add life to lots of white.
we all know jamie of i suwannee shares this love of bookcases!
a personal favorite.
spotted: books as side tables.
floor-to-ceiling bookcases for the true collector.

My Name is Mackenzie and I am an Addict

...to my computer, that is. over christmas, my 82-year-old grandmother regularly lamented the attachment to a machine that me and my siblings, cousins, even parents seemed to be “suffering” from.

dear grandmother, if this is suffering, then bring it on. i love you to death but this baby gives me music, news, pictures, blogs, and all other good things in this world. i can’t tell you how much i missed this sucker while i was in puerto rico (i’m sure that sounds bad but first let me say i did enjoy myself while i was at the beach and poolside and spending quality time with my girls) but i sincerely missed the couple hours a day where i get to kick back and read about other people’s lives and get inspired by what’s going on in their worlds.

i’m going abroad next semester (to tours, france — and i'll be blogging!) and we were all cautioned against spending too much time texting, skyping, watching tv (and don’t get me wrong, i intend to relish every moment of my experience) but my computer provides my “me time” and no one, not even my beloved grandmother, is going to take that away from me.

now take a look at these computer setups and tell me they don't just do the trick:

{photo credits in image titles.}