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Need a little outfit inspiration to get yourself out of a wardrobe rut? Whenever I'm feeling uninspired by my closet, I do two things: 1) I clean out my closet and 2) I turn to Pinterest. Clearing out the clutter to create more space for the pieces I actually wear (and the items I want to add to my closet) makes it so much easier to mix and match. And I can usually find some pretty obvious trends on my style board. This time around, I'm clearly having a moment with bright whites and summery neutrals. Here are a few of the looks inspiring my closet clean-out...

*images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

There's a way to do preppy summer neutrals without looking like you wore your tennis whites out to happy hour. Here are a few of the essentials I'm moving to the front of my closet or putting on my list to purchase by summer's end (with a few options to cover every price point!).

Lace top

Modern pearls

Eyelet dress

Fisherman sweater (tip: buy from the boys' section for a more fitted look!)

Breezy (maxi or midi) skirt

The perfect white button-down

Here's hoping head-to-toe white will be just as chic with a few iced coffee spills. Murphy's law ;) In spite of its impracticality, all white is all right by me. Would you give it a go this summer?


One of my favorite summer trends is tassels on accessories, clothing, and decor. I'm obsessed! Tassels aren't so much "trendy" as they is a resurgence of a classic motif... which means you can invest in a few pieces knowing they won't be out of style next season. Here are a few of my favorite tassels at the moment:

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight
nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve  //  thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen

I truly can't get enough: I'm loving tassel earrings, this neutral tassel chandelier (budget-friendly version here), these tassel curtains (I have the shower version), a pair of classic tassel loafers, this Tory Burch tassel handbag... The list goes on. Have you purchased any tassels yet? What other summer trends are you loving?


Does anyone create a seasonal wishlist? I'm thinking it's not a bad idea. I've referred back to my ultimate spring wardrobe post a million times as I contemplated various purchases over the past few months. So here's what I'm coveting for the summer months: blue and white (if it ain't broke...), the most insanely flattering lace peplum top, the perfect espadrilles, and more...

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight
nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve  //  thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen

I can't even handle the back of this dress or the cut of this swimsuit. I really concentrated on pieces I'd rewear summer after summer — you can't go wrong with a blue oxford shirt or navy bow espadrilles! What would your ultimate summer wardrobe look like? Will you be scooping up any of these pieces over the next few months?


Will and I just celebrated our six month anniversary! We did dinner and drinks at the Comedy Cellar last week and I already can't wait to go back. It's the perfect date night but it'd be equally fun to do with a group of girlfriends. Between our anniversary and his birthday earlier in the month, I've been on the lookout for great guy gifts and ways to spruce up his summer wardrobe. I've always loved his style (I'd call it preppy with a Southern twist) and we're both drawn to classic pieces like gingham shirts, dark wash denim, and leather driving mocs. He has to wear business formal for work so it's nice for him to dress a little more casually on the weekends. 

When we first started dating, I helped him pick out a pair of jeans at Rag & Bone in the West Village (you already know they make my favorite women's skinnies!). I much prefer shopping online to shopping in person so now that we know which styles and sizes suit him best, we can both add to his collection over time with the click of a button. I shop Nordstrom all the time for myself (party dresses, my favorite candle, etc.) and it's nice to scoop up a piece or two for Will every now and then! (Is gift giving part of anyone else's love language? That could be a post in and of itself...) Here's what I'm loving for guys right now:

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight
nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve  //  thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen  //  sixteen

Nordstrom carries so many of my favorite men's brands in one place... Brooks Brothers, Jack Spade, Polo, Rag & Bone, and more. It's perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, Father's Day, or "just because" presents. (P.S. This is the pair of jeans Will got six months ago... And they're on sale!)

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*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Design Darling possible!


one  //  two  //  three  //  four (j'adore)  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight (back in stock!)
nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve (only $20!) //  thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen (on sale!)

Bring on the brights! You know I'm all about #navyornothing but one of the things I love most about my favorite color is that it pairs so well with many others. This navy tank (love the cut!) with these seersucker shorts, a colorful tassel necklace, a powder blue bag, this bright yellow iPad case... You get the idea! In a way, navy is my favorite neutral. What's yours?

P.S. Do not even get me started on this art print (or anything in this sale for that matter). Hung next to a hot pink map? Y-E-S.


Next weekend we're headed to a wedding outside of Philadelphia for a couple who's been living in Dallas for three years. They've asked their guests to don cowboy boots at the reception (thankfully I've held on to these!) so I need a dress that will look cute with heels at the ceremony and with boots for dancing. After sending an email full of options to my mom and girlfriends, I remembered: I happen to have thousands of stylish readers who might love to weigh in as well! Here are my top choices...

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five

Cast your vote below and I'll order the dress that gets the most votes! This should be fun :)

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I tend to wear my shoes into the ground and New York is especially hard on footwear — I feel like I have to replace my shoe wardrobe at the beginning of every season. In addition to these and these (must-haves for weekends in the city!), here's my ultimate guide to the pairs I'm eyeing this summer. Flats, gladiators, heels, t-straps, wedges... You're sure to find something you love!
one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six
seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten //  eleven  //  twelve
thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen  //  sixteen  //  seventeen  // eighteen

I already own these (everyone should have at least one pair!) and I just purchased these (they. are. perfect!) and these (this season's update to the pair I wore here). I think my next two favorites would be these pretty blue ones and this budget-friendly pair. Maybe the more shoes I buy, the less often I'll have to wear each pair, and the longer they'll all last? ;) Yup, that sounds good to me.


I'm obsessed with every last look from Annie Griffin's new arrivals for summer. Leopard shorts, perfect prints, striped skirts, and the most darling summer silhouettes... This collection has my name written all over it. I met Annie and her team at a blogger brunch last fall and I remember oohing and ahhing at the sneak peek of the summer collection on her iPhone. Now that it's here, I'm saving my pennies to add as many pieces as possible to my summer wardrobe! To. Die. For. Oh and don't forget — you get 20% off with code DARLING20 at checkout!


I was so excited when I received an email from sisters Anne and Sarah introducing me to their clothing line Buckley K. First of all, there is so much navy and white that there was no way I wouldn't fall in love with it. Second, everything is made in the U.S.A. and available online only, meaning there's no middleman or retail mark-up. Third, every silhouette is classic, chic, and perfect for travel. Fourth, did I mention all the navy and white? Check them out right here and do let me know of any new-to-you lines you're loving lately!


one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten  //  eleven

Just an assortment of pretty little things that have caught my eye lately... Most affordable? This perfect pearl ring. Most colorful? This turquoise toaster. Most dreamy? These bow heels. Most necessary? This metallic jute rug. So much cuteness, I don't know where to start. What's your top pick?


You know the drill. Three days. 25% off. Buy all the things. Or wait too long and kick yourself when you place an order a week later at full price. Not that I'm speaking from experience. ;) Code is INTHEFAMILY14. Have at it and tell me what's coming to live with you!

Dresses and skirts:


Accessories and shoes:


I get a lot of emails asking what to wear for a job interview or how to spruce up a professional wardrobe. The truth is that, if I'm not shooting an outfit post, I can usually wear an oxford shirt and jeans and get through my daily to dos without a wardrobe change. I've never bought a suit and every office I've ever worked in was the opposite of business formal. (My stint in PR as well as my internships at Jonathan Adler and Ralph Lauren all emphasized personal style over corporate dress code.) 

But I know not all my readers are self-employed or working in fashion and I hate to leave anyone hanging. So I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon the new-to-me blog The Classy Cubicle. Mary works in corporate America and does an amazing job dressing for it. She looks appropriately conservative and perfectly polished in every post, exactly the way I'd like to look if I didn't work from home. Here are a few of my favorite outfits to elevate and inspire your next office look:

If you're taking notes, the following items are must-haves:

1. A bevy of sharp button-down shirts. 
splurge  //  spend  //  save

2. Dress pants tailored to fit perfectly.
splurge  //  spend  //  save

3. A classic trench coat.
splurge  //  spend  //  save

4. A few colorful sweaters for layering.
splurge  //  spend  //  save

5. Sensible heels with flattering pointed toes. 
splurge  //  spend  //  save

I hope that helps you get dressed for your next interview or meeting! I really do try to answer all my readers' style questions so shoot me an email if there's something you'd like to see next. And don't forget to pop over to The Classy Cubicle for more work wardrobe inspiration — I know you'll enjoy her archives as much as I did! 


one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten

If you ask me my favorite color, it's navy or nothing. But when it comes to the color that makes me happiest, I'm all about hot pink. I don't wear it nearly as often as navy blue, but surrounding myself with hot pink desk accessories or treating myself to a bouquet of pink tulips does wonders for my mood in the midst of this wintry April. I think part of my pink obsession is that it pairs so well with almost every other color: lime green, navy, olive, orange, turquoise, white... When it comes to pink, you really can't go wrong.

Do you have a color that makes you happiest? Supposedly a lot of people say yellow. I'd love to hear what you think!


one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten  //  eleven

Ever since I lived in this scalloped dress all last summer, I've been searching for more scalloped pieces to add to my wardrobe (and my decor!). I'd say scallops are right up there with stripes in terms of details I can't get enough of. Whether you like scallops in small doses (this stationery is my favorite) or you're ready to wear them, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of them for spring and summer. Now if it would just warm up in New York...!

Oh and I totally forgot to include them above but these scalloped ballet flats are on sale for $42... Yes please.

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Last week Carly and I hosted a little shopping event for Sail To Sable's spring collection at the Jack Rogers store. We had so much fun trying on dresses from the new line, discussing details for the designer Jen's upcoming wedding, and meeting a bunch of lovely readers (one of whom even brought us handwritten notes — consider me completely charmed!). 

I wore this striped tunic which will be perfect on Nantucket this summer (for the beach with flip flops, church with Jacks, and dinner with wedges — don't you love a piece that does double triple duty?). Carly wore this navy and pink tunic which also comes in a beaded silk that's pretty dreamy. It's been really cool to see Sail To Sable expand and improve over the years... Definitely check it out if you haven't shopped it before. I'm so proud of Jen and her team!

In addition to wanting to move into the Jack Rogers store (a must-see if you find yourself on the Upper East Side), there are about twenty pairs of sandals I could have left the store with. I wore this navy glitter pair for the event and loved the way they looked with my striped dress. I absolutely lived in my monogrammed Jacks last summer so I'm trying to decide which color to pick up next — hot pink? lime green? turquoise? Unsurprisingly, I love them all. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello and shop and of course thank you to Jack Rogers and Sail To Sable for the much needed sneak peek of summer! It's less than 100 days away, you know ;)

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one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten

It's funny how much more I listen to my mom now that I'm in my twenties. Despite the fact that my mom worked in fashion throughout my childhood, there were countless times that I disregarded her advice on certain colors or silhouettes that would work for me, opting instead for whatever was new at abercrombie kids (shudder). Every now and then, I'll find myself drawn to something that my mom recommended 10+ years ago. Case in point? Olive green and hot pink. Perfect for redheads, recommended by Mom, and rediscovered just in time for spring. It took me a while but it's true: Mom always knows best.

Shop the post:

P.S. Want the same look for less? This top is just $32 and these shoes are $48.


Remember that trip my mom and I took to Atlanta? Well a bunch of the items we picked out are finally available in the boutique and I'm dying to hear what you think. I'm flipping for the cobalt glassware, monogrammed accessories, and patterned trays. I hope you find something that's just right for you! xx


It wasn't my intention to skip this morning's blog post but this week just got away from me. Lots of meetings, new projects, and an evening event on top of the usual workload... Let's just say I'm happy the weekend is finally here, even if it just means a couple extra hours to catch up on my inbox before Monday. Phew!

So here's all I've got for you: a pretty new pair of pink shoes. I'm of the opinion a girl can never have too many — I also own these (on final sale!) and these and can't wait to wear them all spring and summer. (Maybe even tomorrow? 55 degrees!) They'll be great with dressy shorts, white jeans, and summery skirts and dresses. Sunshine, bring it on.

I'll be back next week with a new career feature (any guesses?!), more outfit posts, and hopefully a new spring in my step! I've been looking forward to tonight's double date all week and can't wait to log some quality time at the dog park tomorrow morning. What are you up to? Whatever it is, have a good one. Here's hoping we all get the rest, relaxation, and vitamin D we need! xx


preppy iphone 5 5s cases monogrammed

Kate Spade (love the pocket for credit cards!)  //  Tory Burch  //  J.Crew
Lilly Pulitzer (one of my favorite all-time patterns)  //  Kate Spade  //  C. Wonder

Looking for a preppy new iPhone case? I am, after dropping my brand new iPhone 5S and shattering the screen. (Seriously, worst feeling ever!) I love the sleekness of a phone without a case but clearly I'm too clumsy to go without. Anyone have a case they love? Leave a link in the comments. I need to scoop one of these up before I make the same mistake twice!


If there's one thing I've learned while living in a New York studio, it's that closet space is the ultimate commodity. I can't afford — financially or space-wise — to buy items that I'll only wear a handful of times. So I've been paying close attention to the pieces I wear on repeat and trying to buy variations of the same pieces: for instance, blue button-downs, dark wash skinny jeans, and striped dresses. Does anyone else shop the same way? It might not be the most exciting way to expand my wardrobe but it definitely ensures that I wear every item that's taking up prime real estate in my only closet. 

With March finally here and spring allegedly on its way, I thought I'd round up 15 of the cutest striped dresses I've seen so far. There's something for literally every budget starting at just $25, so I hope you find something you've got to have if you, like me, live in stripes all spring and summer! 

If you could only choose one, which would it be?!