101 Things in 1001 Days


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{79 COMPLETE, 22 TO GO!}

1. Come up with 101 things (February 2011).

2. Inspire someone to write a list of her own

(Roxy in February 2011, Sarah in June 2012, Jess in July 2012, Laura in August 2012, Sarah in August 2012, Carly in August 2012, Christin in August 2012, Whitney in September 2012, Chelsie in November 2012, Emily in December 2012, Kristina in December 2012, Cait in December 2012, Gracie in December 2012, Elle in January 2013, Kristin in January 2013, Kathleen in January 2013, Lesego in January 2013, Lizzie in January 2013, Yelena in January 2013, Allison in January 2013, Kelsey in January 2013, Jenn in January 2013, Brittany in January 2013, Meg in January 2013, Stephanie in January 2013, Amber in January 2013, Jennifer in January 2013, Sheri Ann in January 2013, Sara in January 2013, Patti in January 2013, Kate in January 2013, Rachel in January 2013, Emily in January 2013, Jackie in January 2013, SHF in March 2013, Emily in April 2013, Lauren in April 2013, Erin in May 2013, Tracy in May 2013, Anna Jane in May 2013, Sammy in May 2013, Megan in May 2013, Yvonne in May 2013, Samantha in May 2013, Amber in May 2013, Sierra in May 2013, Mallory in May 2013, Laurel in May 2013, Chloe in May 2013, Midge in May 2013, Brooke in May 2013, Vicky in June 2013, Emily in June 2013, Lucy in June 2013, Madeleine in June 2013, Anna in June 2013, Dylan in June 2013, Annie in June 2013, Paula in June 2013, Caley in July 2013, Brynne in July 2013, Zelle in July 2013, Layne in July 2013, Sara in August 2013, Lindsey in August 2013, Allie in August 2013, Cambron in August 2013, Shelby in August 2013, Emily in August 2013, Emma in August 2013, Jamee in August 2013, Rose in September 2013, Katie in September 2013, Carly in September 2013, Caryn in September 2013, Ellie in September 2013, Alexa in September 2013, Sarah in September 2013, Bridget in September 2013,  Sarah in September 2013, Kelsey in September 2013, Shannon in September 2013, Morgan in September 2013, Victoria in September 2013, Katie in September 2013, Elspeth in September 2013, Shirsha in September 2013, Hilary in September 2013, Dana in September 2013, Kayleigh in September 2013, Lura in September 2013, Caitlin in October 2013, Amanda in October 2013, Ali in October 2013, Julia in October 2013, Mathilde in October 2013, Abigail in November 2013, Valerie in November 2013, Katherine in November 2013, Kim in November 2013, Sydney in November 2013, Cadence in December 2013, Victoria in December 2013, Nadine in December 2013, Alexis in December 2013).

3. Move into my first apartment (January 2013).

4. Have my apartment published on a major blog or in an online magazine (Glitter Guide, August 2013).

5. Work for one of my dream companies (began writing for Matchbook in January 2012).

6. Start my own company (launched Design Darling in March 2012).

7. Redesign my blog to make it a reflection of my personal style (worked with Hanna in January 2011).

8. Invest in blog business cards (February 2011).

9. Launch an interview series on my blog (debuted The Design Dialogues in February 2011).

10. Be able to better define my aesthetic, in both fashion and interior design.

11. Scrutinize my closet and donate, store, or toss all the things I never wear (June 2011).

12. Throw my first dinner party.

13. Go skinny dipping (May 2011).

14. Take on an interior design client (worked with a New York client in March 2011).

15. Invest in a classic handbag (this one, October 2012).

16. Take a ballroom dance class.

17. Attend one show at New York Fashion Week (went to Kate Spade, Lela Rose, and Chris Benz with Matchbook in February 2012). 

18. Buy my parents an Apple computer (June 2011).

19. Drink eight glasses of water every day for at least one week (August 2013).
20. Make it to the gym twice a week for at least three months (October-December 2012).

21. Read all the Harry Potter books (finished in September 2011).

22. See all the Harry Potter movies (finished in August 2012).

23. Send fifty handwritten notes (finished in July 2012).

24. Learn to eat with chopsticks (July 2011).

25. Take a trip (Dallas, April 2013).

26. Organize my iTunes (October 2012).

27. Visit a city I've never been before (Salt Lake City for Alt Summit, January 2013).

28. Upgrade to the iPhone (March 2011).

29. Subscribe to all those magazines I usually buy at newsstand prices anyway.

30. Attend a blogging conference (IFB, February 2012).
31. Connect with ten blogging friends in person.
32. Throw out twenty things and do not replace them (May 2013).

33. Work out with a personal trainer (October 2012).

34. Make an address book with contact information for family and friends (July 2011).
35. Send out Christmas cards one year.

36. Figure out the best way to store all those business cards (from my own boutique!).

37. See a new Cirque du Soleil performance (Zarkana in June 2012).

38. Buy cute sneakers and run a mile without stopping (August 2013).

39. Ride on a sailboat (July 2013).

40. Discover ten new favorite restaurants (February 2013).
41. Try acupuncture (September 2012).

42. Take a self-defense class (December 2012).

43. Buy and frame my first piece of original art (January 2013).
44. Throw a murder mystery party.
45. Spend a day with each of siblings doing what they want, paid for by me.
46. Buy something at a flea market (Alameda in July 2011).

47. Find my best beauty routine.

48. Take a cooking lesson (Aux Délices in June 2012).

49. Invest in a few basic cookbooks.

50. Invest in ten beautiful coffee table books (July 2012).

51. Take my dad to a Red Sox game (September 2013).
52. Figure out the best way to keep track of our family's goal to see all fifty states.
53. Re: number 52, cross at least one more state off our list.
54. Make ten recipes off of Pinterest.
55. See a comedy show (November 2012).
56. Publish an e-book.

57. Prepare a meal using ingredients bought at a farmers' market (Ferry Building in July 2011).
58. Send my mom flowers out of the blue (June 2013).

59. Find the perfect little black dress (February 2013).

60. Read every Jane Austen novel (4/6).

61. Learn calligraphy.

62. Get a facial (July 2011).
63. Take my sister to see a Broadway play (Annie in December 2012).
64. Try one-out-of-my-comfort-zone exercise class (TRX in September 2011).

65. See Taylor Swift in concert.
66. Take my brothers to a hockey game.

67. Buy a pretty bicycle.

68. Take a trapeze lesson (July 2013).

69. Read twenty new books (20/20, July 2013).

70. Find glasses I'll actually wear (August 2013).
71. Go camping.
72. Revitalize five old pieces of furniture (2/5).
73. Turn my grandfather's recipes into a book (December 2011). 

74. Find my signature scent (February 2013).

75. Throw a surprise party for a friend.

76. Go to the top of the Empire State Building (August 2012).
77. Grow out my hair past shoulder-length (spring 2013).

78. Find a skincare regimen that works for me.

79. Go zip lining (August 2012).

80. Have a friend take a portrait for my blog (August 2011).

81. Eat the recommended serving of vegetables every day for one week.
82. See ten so-called classic films (7/10).
83. Schedule appointments with doctor, dentist, etc. and go at least once per year (3/3).
84. Take a surfing lesson.

85. Have a picnic (October 2011).

86. Wear the right shade of red or pink lipstick — and not on Halloween (August 2011).

87. See a double feature (January 2013).
88. Go antiquing at Brimfield (May 2013).

89. See some of my sister's Amherst softball games (March 2011).

90. Upgrade to a DSLR camera (August 2012).

91. Try five new foods: beans, Brussels sprouts, edamame, grapefruit, and sushi (finished in March 2011).

92. Attend a horse race or polo match (June 2013).

93. Find my signature cocktail (September 2011).

94. Establish an editorial calendar for features like desk du jour, his & hers, and weekend wardrobe.
95. See five Audrey Hepburn films (May 2013).

96. Post an outfit of the day of my blog (debuted His & Hers in March 2011).

97. Find out my blood type (June 2011).

98. Go skydiving (August 2013).
99. Participate in a flash mob (July 2012).
100. Learn to French braid.
101. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished.


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