decisions, decisions

i’m contemplating chopping off all my hair. since i started getting my very rebellious hair chemically straightened two years ago, i’ve dealt with curly roots growing in and split ends taking over. it would seem like a quick fix to just stop straightening it, cut off all the dead stuff, and give it a clean slate… but my hair has always been long. curly or straight, it’s been red and it’s been long. but the idea of short, healthy, nicole richie hair is so appealing. so what do you think? can this:

become this:

short but not too short, reasonably low maintenance, versatility as far as styling goes, a more professional look than the hippie hair i’m rocking right now… the list goes on. but can i take the plunge? people say it’s just hair, it grows back… but it’s my HAIR! ahhh.

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