My Name is Mackenzie and I am an Addict

…to my computer, that is. over christmas, my 82-year-old grandmother regularly lamented the attachment to a machine that me and my siblings, cousins, even parents seemed to be “suffering” from.

dear grandmother, if this is suffering, then bring it on. i love you to death but this baby gives me music, news, pictures, blogs, and all other good things in this world. i can’t tell you how much i missed this sucker while i was in puerto rico (i’m sure that sounds bad but first let me say i did enjoy myself while i was at the beach and poolside and spending quality time with my girls) but i sincerely missed the couple hours a day where i get to kick back and read about other people’s lives and get inspired by what’s going on in their worlds.

i’m going abroad next semester (to tours, france — and i’ll be blogging!) and we were all cautioned against spending too much time texting, skyping, watching tv (and don’t get me wrong, i intend to relish every moment of my experience) but my computer provides my “me time” and no one, not even my beloved grandmother, is going to take that away from me.

now take a look at these computer setups and tell me they don’t just do the trick:

{photo credits in image titles.}

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