the prettiest palette

dreaming of the perfect color scheme for the bedroom of my senior year downtown house. the walls are currently lavender and the layout is a lot like this:
with bay windows lining the wall across from the door, the bed fitting nicely along one side with the desk opposite. dressers can be nicely tucked into the oversized closet that runs the length of the room so at least that’s not a concern. the biggest thing now is to start thinking about paint and fabrics and the colors that i want to use in this space. i have to assume that a lot of these choices will carry over into my first apartment so these are important decisions! do we paint the walls white and go with a little lime and turquoise like these examples?
brown walls with lots of colorful touches?
lots of pink and white?
pretty pink and orange?
or white with lots of colorful art and posters?
what colors would you choose if you were redecorating your bedroom? do you care for any of these rooms or palettes in particular? as this will be my very first decorating project (and i will have until august to bring it to life), i’ll take all the help i can get!

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