black and blue

…in a good way! i think. i’ve been noticing lots of navy blue and black combinations both in fashion and interior design and thought i’d ask you, my very fashionable readers, to weigh in. does it work? would you try it? let’s hear it!

black and blue with a dash of red. do we love it?
olivia palermo and this girl from stockholm street style think it’s a go.
do we like mary kate’s navy blazer with her all black ensemble? how about the blue curtains and black chairs chosen by nate berkus?
designer darryl wilson’s living room and german beauty diane kruger make a convincing case… but i want to hear from you! lay it on me.

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  1. It totally works! Remember when tights and sandals together were against the rules? It’s fashion… as long as you did it with a bit of attitude, anything goes. But it doesn’t hurt to get photographed while your doing it, of course.