conversation pieces

why relegate art to the living room or the bedroom? these dining room tableaux offer a welcome burst of color and provide a great talking point for every dinner party.
an almost life-size birch tree threatens to steal the show from an out-of-this-world yellow floor lamp.
a punchy polka dot print jazzes up natural wood tones.
a small red canvas makes a big impact from its unexpected perch on a windowed wall.
an abstract work dominates an otherwise traditional dining room.
ten small portraits — and an eleventh to the right — are the finishing touch in this charismatic dining room.

framed striped fabric breaks up a monochromatic, though flavorful, purple room.
mismatched chairs and mismatched paintings look cohesive in a dining room with white ceilings, walls, and floors.

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  1. amylynne, the painting is “opium” by damien hirst — but it definitely seems like something you could recreate on your own! if you do decide to go that route, i would love to see your end result!

  2. It’s clear that your blog is not just a smattering of pretty photos-captions marked by unique and fresh insight, active verbs, and vivid adjectives prove that a lot of thought and analysis goes into the choice of each post..well done!