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i am excited to announce the beginning of my first daily feature, desk du jour. in collecting pictures of spaces i admire, i realized i have a particular penchant for home offices. maybe it’s just my obsession with school supplies, but i love seeing the places where people often spend the majority of their day and the innovative ways in which they make these spaces somewhere they can go to be inspired and productive. i hope you’ll enjoy these daily inspirations as much as i do. without further ado, your first desk du jour:

everything you could possibly want in a home office: lots of natural light, pretty pictures and posters, and a big wide desk to spread out all your things.

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  1. so excited for your daily desk feature!! I have an obsession with school supplies, too– anything pink. I would looove to order some pink personalized pencils, but who knows if I’ll ever get around to it
    xo fallon