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blogworld favorite has lots of pretty things in store for spring and summer. reasons why you’ll love them as much as i do:

1. whimsical headpieces for every occasion or simply every bad hair day. (perfect while my hair is in this transitional, straight-to-curly, long-to-short, taking-on-a-life-of-its-own phase.)
2. said headpieces comprise four lines at varying price points ($22-$300) — something pretty at every price!
3. the owners have a blog that’s as cool as they are.
6. i’ll let the headbands do the talking. here are some of my favorites:
h, $50.
not only do i love the unlikely color combinations (turquoise/coral, navy/kelly green, etc.) but the circular bead appliqué was inspired by vintage millinery shop find — seriously, how cool are these girls?
p, $50.
the price is right for vintage inspired metallic lace trim finished with gray grosgrain ribbon.
no. 110, $165
this crystal appliqué could make your wedding.
there’s something about the over-the-top color palette, larger-than-life flower, and unabashedly girly name (sparkling. garden. party.) that makes me covet this piece. (okay, and just about everything else in their store.)
see? i knew you’d agree.

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