take a chance {red and purple}

i was surprised to find that i love the combination of red and purple — strange to see that two highly saturated colors could work so well together! after first spotting the picture of kate walsh, i had to try it out for myself, pairing a purple tank top and a red skirt with nude heels, and received lots of compliments on the unique color combination (even with my red hair!).
they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery… i’m pretty sure kate walsh (fellow redhead!) rocked this look first but i’d be pretty happy if miranda kerr of all people decided to follow in my stead. was there ever a more striking woman on this planet? i think she is gorgeous.

i prefer the nude heels to the black but you get the idea.

this unexpected combination has turned up in interior design as well. here red beams and purple flowers provide an easy introduction for those with fear of commitment.

a red and purple liberty print for the walls and canopy — not for the faint of heart but i think it’s quite pretty!

a purple sitting room segways into a red dining room.

a red painting jazzes up various shades of purple. who else is picking up on this trend?

oh, what do you know? kate spade! the inscription on the inside of her idiom bangle ($78) reads “take a chance.” now that’s what i like to hear!

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