pillow talk

i’m beginning to daydream in detail about my future bedroom in our downtown house for senior year. every time i find something lovely online, it goes in a folder of ideas and inspiration for my first decorating project. these customizable pillows from iomoi, jonathan adler, and karen hilton designs definitely make the cut:

iomoi canvas pillows, $58 for 12×16 and $78 for 16×16.

jonathan adler design your own pillows, choose cotton or hand-loomed wool, $98 for 16×16 and $178 for 24×24.
karen hilton designs 16×16 pillows: $62 for 1st and $66 for union jack.
i’d be happy with any one of these options. what about you? where do you find your pillows? i would love to hear your advice as, like i said, this will be my first real interior design project!

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  1. oh i love pillows. they’re relatively affordable and you can change them out when you get sick of them. i’ve found a few that are on permanent display from anthropologie (of course). also love dwellstudio pillows.