What Room Doesn’t Need A Window Seat?

there’s really no need to explain my love of window seats. in an eat-in kitchen, i imagine sunny breakfasts from a comfy perch with a view. in a bedroom, i envision a cozy nook for reading on rainy nights. in just about any room, i like the idea of a perfect spot to snuggle up and take in the outdoors from the inside.
my eat-in kitchen vision becomes a reality in this cheery space by amanda nisbet.
am i the only one who could spend the entire day in a spot like this one?
a window seat for a mix-and-don’t-match dining room.
i’m not quite sure if there’s room for reading on this built-in window seat with its excessive pillow count, but i love the look regardless of its utility.
comfy upholstery makes the most of a room with a view.
snow outside means a candlelight and a good book inside.
an irregular space is transformed into a high-style hideaway with custom seating and an enviable collection of throw pillows.
how do we feel about a window bed? you can bet i love the idea!

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  1. My husband doesn’t understand my desire for a window seat and we have no perfect nooks so it’s hard to plead my case. My Mum used to have a bench seat that ran from wall to wall against the window wall.. (hope that made sense?) that was cushioned and had scatter cushions thrown on it. Same sort of theory (and it doubled as hidden storage underneath.) I’m using my hands to describe this, lol. Hard to give you the picture but it’s something I’m thinking about replicating. 🙂