pretty in pink and just in time

even those who hate the holiday can surely appreciate the inundation of pink everything, right? below are some of my favorite {pink} finds of late.

a hot pink chair becomes a provocative focal point in an otherwise blank canvas.
a pink window ups the charm in an old-school kitchen (as if that refurbished post office unit weren’t enough).
the perfect way to bring a small dose of valentine’s day into your home: a pretty pink bouquet. (though the dining chairs would work nicely too.) i hereby dare you to nix the red roses and go for something a little less obvious.
go big or go home, right? a heavily saturated hue dominates a family’s foyer.
i can’t decide which i prefer: the overwhelming presence of the egg chair or the discrete display of the disco ball in the bookshelves.
this room is valentine’s day.

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  1. That refurbished postal unit is fabulous! I’m currently on a search to find one like it for my home. Love all the splashed of pink in the beautiful rooms you found.

  2. chic geek — i had saved all of them on my computer from other blogs as well as magazine websites. i give credit in the image titles (so if you go to save a particular picture, you will know where it came from and how i found it!).

  3. i love all the pics! since i have a hubby i have really been neglecting pink in order to make him feel more at home…this may have just inspired me to add some pink anyway…