bad blogger

a heartfelt apology from me to you for my absence from le blog. i spent a long weekend in paris with my boyfriend (check it out here)and leave tomorrow for four days in barcelona with my dad. i really do hate to be away for so long (though i love to return to all your comments and the new posts on other blogs, even if it takes me multiple hours to catch up!) but i hope you’ll understand. in a perfect world, i would be rewarding you for your patience with a little jaunt to la durée on the champs-elysées so you could pick up some yum-yums:

and walk away with a trademark container of macaroons:
which (this is for you, jenny) look like this close up:
and have a crunchy exterior and a creamy interior as you can see here:
these richly flavored beauties will cost you a pretty penny (i paid 23 euros for 15 of them) but, you know, when in rome, er, paris… in response to your curiosity, our favorite flavors were vanilla, coffee, and rose petal. the raspberry was downright yucky and the chocolate was a little too rich for my liking, but the good ones were good. they don’t travel particularly well but i’ve saved a few for my dad to try and i plan on cleaning out all the little crumbs and saving the packaging because it’s just way too pretty to toss out. jenny, does that cover it?!

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  1. love your blog! so so cute…
    i have been crocheting a blanket in yummy colors ala macaroons and i get SO hungry every time i work on it… clearly i have a problem.
    these are DELISH!

  2. finally!!! i now know what you meant when you complained about the times when your favorite bloggers failed to update 😉

    i hope you had fun with michael and give peter my love! miss you