bling bling

one of the aspects of style that i feel i stand to learn the most about is jewelry (ok, tied with make-up). it’s supposed to be the finishing touch on any outfit and yet i’d say i leave the house without a single piece of jewelry on 99 percent of the time. i’d like to get to the point where i not only feel naked going out so unaccessorized (as does my college roommate!) but also really feel like i know what i’m doing when it comes to picking out pieces i’ll actually reach for time and again. i think any one of these long gold necklaces would be a nice start for a beginner’s jewelry collection, don’t you?

house of harlow 1960 long key necklace, $98, gold
j.crew demi fireball necklace, $50, gold
gorjana somerset cluster necklace, $115, gold
what a fun task expanding my collection will be! for now, though, i’m saving my monies for travel — buying experiences, not things! — so this is a goal for another day. maybe this summer?!

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