it’s the weekend!

i’m so happy this week is over! i might not have been looking forward to it quite as much as these girls (who write a hilarious blog about getting through the work week) but i’m pretty happy nonetheless. my boyfriend is coming to tours to meet my host family and join the bucknell group on an excursion to a nearby château. the language barrier could get interesting as my host family doesn’t speak english but it’ll be an excuse to wow michael with my french! i can’t wait to show him around the city and introduce him to all the people and places that have made my stay here so delightful.
thank you for all your lovely comments this week — you have no idea how happy i am to hear from you! whatever this weekend has in store for you, i hope you have a great one and i will see you back here on monday!
{photography by kate powers}

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  1. Hi Design Darling. I found out that Printemps has a window display inspired by Alice in Wonderland (opening on the 5th). If you walk past it, please take pics and post them. If you do I’ll link it back to you. If you have a chance, take a look at my Allie in Underland post. I’ll be following you. 🙂