style icon {lauren conrad}

i find lauren conrad’s style is always fresh and age-appropriate. she often sticks with what she knows works for her — long blond hair, sun-kissed skin, and fitted silhouettes — but plays around with make-up and color. she’s got the l.a. casual look down pat, but lately her more professional looks have been catching my eye. hitting the road to promote her new book, sweet little lies, she has given fans quite the fashion eyeful.
the california cool look she mastered during her laguna beach upbringing…
…and a more polished look by madewell 1937.
a monochromatic khaki look sets off blond tresses and tan skin.
dewy skin and a classic LBD.
promoting her new book in a plastic island jacket.
red hot in hervé léger.

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  1. People can call her stupid or “blonde” or dumb but there is no denying that she has a great sense of style. Great post! 🙂
    Followed you.

  2. I love her style too. I am glad you left a comment so I could find your blog – I really like it! If you are interested, I am having a Favorite Things Friday Mclinky Party this Friday and would love you to link up one of your posts!

  3. these are some of the best looks i’ve seen on her!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. i love that you’re staying and looking around–i’ll do the same! 🙂

    also, i have new stuff coming to the etsy store wednesday or thurs, so stay tuned!

  4. Love love love her! I need some tan skin…ASAP! Mystic Tan here I come!
    Hope you find some tasty treats in Europa. I’m sure there’s something that compares to Cadbury. 🙂 And if not, there’s nothing wrong with settling for some yummy gelato!