bicycle rides and desk du jour

my brother, grayson, and i just got back from a 26 mile bike ride from tours to villandry! those who have been reading for a while may remember how tough this ride was for me the first time around (read about it here and here) — but this time we one-upped ourselves by making it there and back! that’s 42 kilometers, ladies and gents.
i didn’t want to leave you hanging, though, so i thought i’d include this handsome space for your viewing pleasure. i don’t know that it’s exactly what you’d call a desk but there’s a chair and books and lots of pretty, so why not?
seriously, how good are those black floors and that yellow chair? i hope you are all having a wonderful week — the weekend is just around the corner!

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  1. Wow, way to go!! I do the spin class thing. And my fiance dragged me into a dreaded mountain biking phase… ::shudders:: It’s definitely a lot more challenging than people would think!! I thought people were joking about padded cycling shorts… so glad someone came up with that! Saved my life and gives me some extra junk in the trunk 😉

    PS Love the space!! I’m totally crushing on ultra dark floors. AMAZING.