neutral territory

i think it’s only appropriate to preface our weekend trip to switzerland with a few of my favorite neutral spaces. i am quite certain that our whirlwind trip, which is to include hang gliding in the swiss alps, will be anything but neutral, but it seems only fair to honor the country’s historically unbiased stance with a hearty helping of simple and pretty.
rug: good. chairs: great. worn metal table (look close!): sheer brilliance.
i spy with my little eye… one of my favorite materials, lucite.
i love the range of seating options here: leather wingback, white sofas, modern occasional chair. the antler chandelier is a perfect finishing touch and i love the wire pendants too. wow, is there anything i don’t love about his portfolio?
{above three rooms, gunkelman flesher via desire to inspire}
i’m not sure what that little wooden cubby is for but, thanks to the exposed brick and the cool light fixture, i think we can agree to let it slide.
i would love to cozy up with a good book on one of these chaises longues.
pendant lamps for freeing up space on your bedside table = genius.
i love the hexagonal floor tiles in this otherwise ordinary bathroom.

like the gallery walls, like the hat on the bust, like the funky silhouette of the chairs, like it all.

white walls, dark floors, and a whole lot of pretty in between.
before we leave, i wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your lovely comments and emails this week. your creativity and kindness never cease to amaze me. i’ll be catching up on my blog reading when i return from my weekend away so i’ll be returning the favor soon enough! thank you again and have yourselves a fantastic weekend!

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  1. hang gliding on the Swiss Alps? I have that one on my “things I want to do before I turn 100 years old” list. How fun you actually get to do it! I love the neutral spaces. There’s something so soothing and casual, yet elegant about them. Have a great time this weekend!