happy happy happy weekend!

it’s the weekend and i couldn’t be happier! i’m exactly one week away from two weeks of glorious spring break. we have an excursion to a nearby abbey and an afternoon picnic planned for tomorrow (i’ll undoubtedly be singing the sound of music soundtrack, despite the fact that we’re not in austria) and sunday will be spent catching up sleep and work. what are you up to this weekend? something fun, i hope! i’ll see you back here monday!

8 thoughts on “happy happy happy weekend!

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  1. I am counting down the days until spring break too….whew Can’t wait! 🙂 Thanks for following my blog..can’t wait to read more of yours too!

  2. *sigh* what a great pic – especially for the weekend! I hope you have a wonderful picnic + weekend. I will be working mostly, but hopefully, have some time for fun on Sunday…