on the lookout

i’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect trench coat. it needs to be the right shade of khaki, hit at mid-thigh, and preferably transform me into emma watson. i’m joking about the last bit, but i think a lightweight trench coat would be a timeless addition to my closet, don’t you? what do you think of the following three options from urban outfitters?

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  1. thanks for dropping by my blog..looks like you are enjoying a trip out, stay safe and have a blast!…i also left you a comment on your other blog where you posted a message for your dad…you are a sweet person and very likable. glad i have stumbled upon your blog. take care!

  2. The third one because of the pea coat pockets. I am so excited for you to take a dance class in college! Those are so fun and totally counts as adult ballet. I hope to hear updates!

  3. I adore trenches… Definitely a closet staple. I have several ranging from Banana Republic to Zara. I Love them all. They are so classic and chic!

    PS That Burberry ad is one of my favorites. Emma looks STUNNING.


  4. A trench is the perfect addition to a closet! Thanks for coming by my blog earlier. I think a wall of shadowboxes with various wallpaper remnants as backing and then your special momentos would be amazing on one wall! Your tour looks fascinating.

  5. So have I! I was looking on stylesight today and they were showing old vintage pictures of the iconic trench and I realized I dont have one yet!! Try zara they have some good ones there!

  6. Totally with you… I’m still looking. I’ve got a lovely trench jacket in the typical trench colour from topshop – but that’s just a jacket and a black trench coat, which is great, but black.

  7. I am partial to the single breasted one, only b/c double breasted looks weird on me, and I usually wear coats open a lot. All great choices though!