blue is the new bold

happy monday, everyone! i hope you’re all feeling rejuvenated from the weekend and getting ready to take on the week ahead!
everyone and her mother has been up in arms about the genius of this blue beauty and its victorian surroundings. (kudos to paula at two ellie for beating them to the punch.) let’s take a moment to celebrate this dramatic hue in its prime.
a completely unexpected but couldn’t-be-more-perfect royal blue headboard.
a saturated navy transforms a run-of-the-mill kitchen.
the tried-and-true combination of navy blue and hot pink. this one is seriously in the running for the color palette of my to-be-decorated senior year bedroom.
cadet blue has a starring role in this kitchen. isn’t it fantastic with the white ceilings and wood trim?

perfection in navy blue and crisp white. further explanation not necessary.

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  1. the last photo is mesmerizing! i have thought of painting a vintage chair in blue accentuated with a coral red print and white…how inspiring…i need to get to that project (among others waiting in my garage!) thanks…you have a great week! maryann