could you? would you?

{kristin cavallari in people}
ladies (and gents?), what are our thoughts on pink and purple together? if you asked me about this combination sight unseen, i’d definitely say it’s a no-no. yet the more i see, the more inclined i am to change my mind… what are your thoughts?

pink flowers in a purple room would be a good way to test out this trend.

or how about a walk-in closet with pinkish walls and lavender built-ins? hey, go big or go home, right?

{jessica stam’s apartment by rafael de cardenas in elle décor}
the kind of all-out glamour you might only find in a supermodel’s apartment. larger-than-life armchairs, a lucite coffee table, and floor-to-ceiling purple curtains… pourquoi pas?
i love the high impact drama of this space. it’s so easy to wimp out when it comes to color, so i admire the designer of this space for using color for dining chairs and the light fixture in the formal dining room of all spaces.

11 thoughts on “could you? would you?

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  1. I adore this combination!

    I cannot get over the dining room in particular. The contrast of elements and color is just fantastic — it says “please come in!” to me.

    Love this post 🙂


  2. it is a little bit daring for me but if i use those colors together in moderation that will allow me to blend with neutral colors and flowers just like the picture above, i think i will definitely go for it…it is still a room to admire and enjoy! thanks..maryann

  3. I hate to be a negative nelly, but I don’t think I could do it! There is something about pink and purple together that reminds me of my childhood wardrobe from the 90’s.. and let me tell you– it wasn’t cute! Well, maybe it was for the time, but I certainly laugh when I look back on it.
    You know, I’m sure this color combination could work if done right. Anything is possible 🙂
    XO fallon

  4. I like the 1st Elle Decor photo & Jessica Stam’s apartment. The others are a little to sweet for me 🙂 I think pink/purple works together in alot of instances, especially love it in modern floral arrangements!

  5. Pink and purple definitely in a walk-in closet. Especially one as amazing as that one in the pic! Probably wouldn’t venture too far outside of the bedroom closet though for me…especially because the hubs wouldn’t liken to it very much either. 🙂

  6. Was thinking about this today…… we were going to paint my daughter’s room a shade of green but now she wants lilac. Thing is, she’s five so has a habit of accumulating A LOT of pink. The thought of the pink & purple together made me puke (lol!)but you’ve converted me, thankyou!

  7. Design Darling…. I love pink and purple together! They have to be used in the right context and in the right amount. These colours always illicit something romantic with the pink and regal with the purple. As accent colours against whites, taupes and a hint of green (chartreuse or apple) they are divine! Beautiful pictures!!!!! How was your trip?