greetings from greece!

this is the vacation after the vacation. travel can be exhausting, you know? greece is beautiful and of course i’m taking hundreds of pictures. i hope you all had a relaxing weekend… my relaxation is just beginning! i’m planning on doing lots of this:
and a little of this:
and slipping into one of these:
stay tuned for plenty of pretty posts this week! i hope you all have a very merry monday!

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  1. Oh how I envy you right now… Greece is hands down one of my favorite places on this earth. It is totally breathtaking!! Hope you get a chance to go to Santorini! It was my fave.


  2. I went to Greece when I studied abroad and loved it. If you get a chance, check out Santorini…it really is as pretty as the pictures. And watch out for cab drivers in Athens. They tend have a habit of overcharging (or either I had a string of bad luck).