the look for less {patric johansson}

i’m sorry to report that my boyfriend and i are among the millions of travelers stranded in europe due to flight cancellations caused by the volcanic eruptions in iceland. now it’s simply a waiting game before the ash clears up and the airlines get back on their feet. keep your fingers crossed for us that it will be sooner rather than later!

in the mean time, i’m keeping myself busy reading all of your blogs and browsing the portfolios of some of my favorite designers and photographers. (it’s 5 euros for 10 hours of wifi at starbucks in athens — thank god!) one such portfolio is that of photographer patric johansson, who photographed the following home for elle interiör a while back. the primarily black and white palette and the luxurious accents make this a beautiful space that i’m confident i could recreate on a budget. watch and learn…
the foundation is simple: white paint, one black accent wall, dark floors, and abundant natural light. the big furniture pieces can be found inexpensively, too.
how’s this for a big black sofa? the proportions are great and the price can’t be beat. a few throw pillows in the same palette and you’ll be good to go!
for the coffee table, a wooden trunk is a must. i love this option (thank you, camila, for the link to this site!) but the price is still a little steep, even if it is a great value. a simple search on ebayor your local craigslist could yield a better deal, depending on where you live and what you’d have to pay for shipping.
our chaise lounge is the best seat in the house and these ikea versions offer a great bang for your buck. again all you’ll need to recreate the look is a rectangular pillow and a cozy white throw for each chair!
the gallery wall is an essential aspect of this space. when creating your own version of this look, you’ll do best to stick to black and white prints. that said, take creative liberty with the content — it’s not so much the subject matter but rather the style that counts.
i like this chair print, which captures both my love of design and also some of the architectural detail in the space that johansson photographed. with sites like selling inexpensive prints in every size and style imaginable, you’re bound to find something that speaks to you!
another guideline is to vary the colors and sizes of the frames you use. these gold frames are a bargain and could work vertically or horizontally. i’ve also heard good things about ikea’s ribba series (i promise ikea isn’t paying me to write this post, though i wish they were!) which come in a variety of sizes and could be mixed in with the gold frames to achieve a more organic look. speaking of keeping the space from feeling too rigid, the end table here is lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space.
this decidedly mobile option from overstock could be easily repositioned for couch potato moments or cocktail parties. dare i say it even has more style than the one in our inspiration room?
the zebra rug ties in the white cabinetry with the dark accents and, lucky for us, inexpensive options abound.
zebra hide rug, $83 for 5′ x 7′
how about this offering from overstock? i like the irregular shape but it’s the price that really caught my attention. $83 for a 5′ x 7′ rug? out of this world!
the zebra print doesn’t stop there. more art, this time casually propped against a wall, looks effortless but makes a big impact.
mike prowles print, $45+ depending on size
another find to the rescue!
prop your print on a decorative box to continue the naturally elegant look. i love the feel of these boxes from target, even if they’re not a spot on replica.
don’t forget a silver tray and various objets d’art to top it off.
it’s hard to tell from this photograph whether this lamp is clear or metallic so i’ve gone ahead and found versions of both.
replace the boring white with a black shade to duplicate the dramatic look of the vignette above. stack a couple of design books and a few more trinkets and your room will be as luxe as the one johansson so beautifully captured.
what do you all think of this space? i had no idea a black couch, black accent wall, and dark floors could look so radiant. the accessories — zebra everything, natural wood, a fur throw, etc. — keep the space fun and casually elegant. and that’s never a bad way to start a new week, right?

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  1. Mackenzie, I am so glad you stopped by (via FTRB) so that I could find you. I feel at home here! And what a terrific post. (+ I LOOOVE Patric J.). I am heading over to Overstock right now. That Zebra rug has my name on it… (What a bargain).

    I am a follower! Let’s stay in touch.

    Cyber hug, Mon

  2. Wow! Apparently sitting around in foreign Starbucks really agrees with you as this post was truly inspired! Dying over all the elements you pulled together here! Hope you are at least able to enjoy your extended stay and take advantage of the situation. Good luck and safe travels!

  3. Fantastic job! I saw the Ektorp chaise the other day on the IKEA website and couldn’t help but imagining it in my future house with some gorgeous pillows.

    So sorry you’re stranded, but, on the bright side, at least you are stuck in Athens!

  4. I’m very sorry you are stranded, but I’m loving the product of all this time on your hands! I saw a lot of natural wood pieces like that unfinished trunk at High Point…again no press pass = no pictures…lame.

  5. Great job recreating this room on a budget — in fact, I think I like your look better!

    Good luck getting out of Athens — hopefully this will all clear up before Dave and I are supposed to leave for London at the end of May!

  6. Oh my GOSH I cannot believe y’all are stranded. The whole situation Have you practiced pronouncing the Volcanos impossible name? It makes me laugh every time I hear it on the news. Glad you are being so productive, saving these for my files!

  7. Honey, I am so sorry you are stranded! I will keep you in my thoughts as all of the dust settles, literally. Thank goodness you’re not alone!

    This is another gorgeous post from you, that mirrored vanity tray needs to be in my powder room ASAP. Love seeing such simplicity turn into such elegance, what fabulous finds!

    Safe travels XOXOXO

  8. i love the white ikea chaise, very simple & lovely! all those lamps are fantastic 🙂 aww i’m sorry to hear you’re stuck in europe, although i’d LOVE to go there someday! have a lovely week ♥