desk du jour {the devil wears prada}

“by all means, move at a glacial pace;
you know how that thrills me.”
one of my favorite chick flicks is incidentally also a great source for interior inspiration. miranda priestly (meryl streep’s) office at the headquarters of runway magazine in the devil wears prada is lust-worthy for a number of reasons.
where to begin? the natural light? gallery walls? hexagonal mirror? fresh flowers everywhere the eye can see? then there’s the bar cart in the right corner… oh, and as an aside, wouldn’t you just about kill for the clothes and the career?

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  1. I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one that has saved away these images for inspiration — I kept them for my office — I adore the white, the modern, the elegant touches, the multitude of framed pieces and the bits of green…

    Lovely + so inspiring to work in 🙂


  2. Love her office. Love the movie. Love Meryl’s portrayal of Ms. Wintour (or not Ms. Wintour depending on you who talk to!). Definitely a noteworthy interior!


  3. Absolutely love that movie (and Meryl Streep in it!). I saw The September Issue over the weekend and it just made me realize what a bang up job Meryl did as a pseudo-Anna Wintor. The offices are reminiscient as well.

  4. love that movie…hope you will get home sooner…you have been invited to join the 6th post game. check my blog when you have the chance…thanks! maryann

  5. Forget the office, I want the clothes!! Hands down, one of my favorite movies ever. Although now that you mention it, the gallery walls are pretty fabulous for a chic office space. This whole movie is just perfection!