photo no. 6

thank you to beatriz of that girl in pearls and mary ann of verbena cottage for including me in a fun little game in which i am to share the sixth photo i posted on my blog! i posted this picture in december 2009 as inspiration for finding the perfect seating arrangement for the influx of guests in our home at christmastime.
i can’t claim that we ever created anything quite this lovely but i’m happy to report that the cheery color palette and the flexibility of this seating setup still appeal to me greatly, a whopping five months after i first posted it. i say this because my sense of style is constantly evolving which, though exciting, can also be frustrating. it’s no fun to save a picture to my style files only to find it no longer appeals to me when there comes an occasion to post it on my blog!
the second part of the game is to tag ten other bloggers to do the same. i’m going to spare you the tagging of ten more bloggers (what with all the tagging done here, here, and here!) but if you like the idea and want to play along then consider yourself tagged by yours truly. let me know if you do decide to post your sixth photo — what fun it is to reflect on where all our blogs started out and, hopefully, how far we have come! thanks again, ladies!

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  1. People don’t know how to create good conversation areas – and that is why you saved this image! Even if your taste changes/evolves this room is perfect when it comes to relaxed and inviting seating. I might even save this pic myself!

    Happy weekend to you!