the only thing i love more than lucite is you

…i mean it! returning from twenty-four days on the road to all of your comments and emails made my week. your kind words mean the world to me and i’m truly grateful to each and every one of you for reading and commenting day in and day out. you rock!

to return the favor, i’ve put together a little feast for your eyes in one of my favorite materials. i hope you all love lucite as much as i do!
now i’m not suggesting you take your love of lucite to this extreme (though if you did i wouldn’t blame you), but i do think a little dose here and there is one of the simplest ways to create visual interest in a room. a shot of transparency adds a unique layer that forces guests to do a double take — in a good way, of course!

the dining room does seem to be a popular place to introduce this material. the eros chairs in this space act as a neutral foundation for extraordinary floral arrangements and, i hope, vibrant color palettes and table settings for entertaining.
or perhaps you prefer these seemingly more comfortable versions? i think i do.

they would look equally fabulous in your bedroom…

then again the eros shape could be made cozy (but still chic!) with a custom cushion. oh, frank, how i love thee.

speaking of comfort and style, it doesn’t get much better than the lucite chair in this dressing room (okay, and everything else inside it!). can you even imagine?

i love the curves of this comfy creation.

do a desk chair and a coffee table make for lucite overload?

how fun is the mix of modern and traditional here? the lucite desk is to die for.

a girl after my own heart, mary mcgee is a big fan of using lucite in her fabulous interiors. her portfolio is not to be missed!

i adore this lucite coffee table. if the hot chocolate walls, floor-t0-ceiling bookcases, fun fabrics, and jute rug weren’t enough, the lucite adds even more texture.

a lucite console table that doubles as a bookcase? when it looks this good, why not?

a fresh take on the lucite coffee table are these two occasional tables. i love that you can peak through the tables to the cool geometric rug underneath them.

i know it’s not lucite but i couldn’t resist throwing in this transparent lamp and its gorgeous surroundings. i’m not much for bicycles in the bedroom but i’d take a lovely lamp like this one any day.
looking to introduce a little lucite into your own place? i love the feel of the following well-priced finds:

the container store has an admirable selection of lucite goodies for your jewelry and office supplies.

nesting tables, $180 for three
how does your love of lucite compare to mine? as always, i love to hear from you!

21 thoughts on “the only thing i love more than lucite is you

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  1. Mackenzie, what a great post! You put together so many lovely images (so we can all be lazy and just enjoy!).

    Just a tiny bit of lucite will go a long ways! Just one, single Ghost chair with a white Swedish sheep skin on the seat – would make me incredibly happy!

    ox, Mon

  2. Love a little lucite. I splurged on a ghost chair for my office and I love it! Not only is it perfect for a smaller space, but it’s actually quite comfortable.

    PS – Glad you’re back safely!

  3. First off, welcome home! Secondly, I’m right with you about lucite.

    As a fellow lover, you would totally understand this — I found a vintage, tall and skinny, rounded table, and waited two days, just to think about the item before I purchased it…it was gone! I nearly cried! When a great Ghost chair came along, I knew better, and immediately purchased it to do with my tulip table for my office. I will never, ever make that mistake again! Thanks for sharing the wonderful inspsiration…you’ve given me a few new ideas 🙂


  4. Lucite is so fun!
    I’m actually interested in the wall hanging in the 1st Mary Mcgee photo, thinking of doing something similar in my living room. Do you think it’s fabric or wallpaper?

  5. Love lucite! Who doesn’t?? I adore that fuzzy chair, that’s nuts! Great pics, all of them. My one piece of lucite is a really cool lamp in our bedroom, but I’m telling you, that lamp MAKES the bedroom! Love!

  6. I have my moments when I think I’m over lucite but then I see lucite used in an interesting way and I fall in love all over again! Some of these images are simply amazing! The chair in the dressing room? Everything about that picture is incredible (one of my all time faves 🙂

  7. I love lucite too! I didn’t think I initially would, my tastes leaning more toward traditional than modern, but my mother got me onto the look when she put some fabulous lucite lamps in her formal living room a few years ago. I was amazed at how nicely they complemented the antiques and traditional furniture in the room. It’s all about finding a balance, right?

    Excellent post as usual! Hope you got to relax this weekend sweetie.

  8. Glad you liked that shoe site!
    I always incorporate leopard in my accessories, if you wear it in your clothes it can be a little over the top. Target usually has great ballet flats, and j.crew often has leopard print belts that I love!

  9. Ah, lucite makes a room appear so fresh and clean, although not sure it would work so well with little ones running around touching it. 🙂 May just have to stick with Lucite MK watch. Haha!

  10. I love the use of lucite, it is such an easy way to bring modernism to any room! Thank you for bringing such beautiful images together for us all to appreciate 🙂 Hazel