a time for picnics and porches

how is the weather where you are? we’re having wonderful weather in france and it makes me all the happier to be back. i’ve already had two picnics in the jardin des prébendes and on a park bench along the loire… spring has officially sprung! why not celebrate le beau temps with a handful of my favorite outdoor spaces?

the outdoor room is definitely an up-and-comer when it comes to design trends. with the newly widespread availability of indoor/outdoor fabrics like sunbrella, why on earth shouldn’t we live outdoors?

i spotted this space yesterday on one of my new favorite blogs (and the newest addition to my blogroll!) and had to repost. how sublime is the wicker furniture paired with the pink-and-white striped pillows?

the exposed beam ceiling and trellised everything need no further explanation.

i don’t think you could lure me back into the house! this outdoor room has everything one could ever need: a fireplace for roasting marshmallows, a dining room for family barbecues, even a lime green garden stool that i spy with my little eye…

doesn’t this time of year make you want to throw a party? i’d love to model my birthday party after the color palette of this lovely outdoor table setting.

perhaps i’ll include some hanging paper lanterns à la this beauty, though truthfully i’ve been eyeing these babies forever:

{pretty in pink poms by party poms, $30 for seven}

though this table setting is also calling my name…

either way there’s nothing that being outdoors this time of year can’t solve. i hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather! p.s. if you’ve built anything like this:

…i would like an invitation as soon as possible.
p.p.s. i’ve been feverishly uploading photographs from our whirlwind spring travels and would love for you to head over to my travel blog, mackenzie en france, to check them out if you’re interested. so far i’ve gotten through venice, florence, and rome — next stop, greece!

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  1. those pom poms!!

    I LOVE. I need them for my next party.

    PS– you should contact Bloch to see where you can buy those lovely flats! I’m going to do the same 🙂

    XX fallon

  2. Its freezing here on the Westchester/Fairfield border…but I am loving all this warm weather inspiration here! Can’t wait to view your travel blog!

  3. ohmygoodness. every set up is so beautiful! you live in france?! how exciting. did you and your husband make it back ok? i hope they didn’t keep you too long! lovely lovely lovely pictures. i want them all in my future house. ALL OF THEM. haha.

  4. oh hunny. this post is brilliant the photos are fantastic. great job. i love it! inspires me even more
    thank you for your amazing and sweet words. i appreciate the love. xoxo

  5. Love all of these wonderful photos. I’d love to be sitting in any of these locations, with a large glass of white wine.

    And yeah, I LOVE Boggle! That’s another good one we haven’t played in awhile. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  6. I can’t even decide what is my favorite part of this post…the pom poms, stripes, pretty flowers, or painted door. I love the idea of outdoor rooms…I just need to move away from Texas since it’s too hot most of the year to use one!

  7. Love the outdoor rooms, I am SO into those! I would love an upholstered sofa on the patio, and I agree, it can be done with the right covering, for sure! Gorgeous pics, glad you’re back! Loved your comment on my post, yeah, my dad is hilarious, when a hurricane is coming he just throws the patio furniture in the pool and mixes a drink!