desk du jour {is bigger better?}

the talented mother/daughter team at good bones, great pieces recently raised an interesting topic that i’ve been mulling over for a little while. they say here that the widespread use of laptop computers has eliminated the need for such “hulking” desks, which we now seek to replace with sleeker pieces that could be put to use in a number of different rooms. does this ring true for some of you?
personally, i love having space to spread out my textbooks and whatever project i’m tackling at the moment. while suzanne and lauren picked out some truly gorgeous pieces, i have to ask: where would you put your stuff? a desk with no drawers might look stylish, but where do you put your school supplies? similarly, a desk that could do double duty as a console table is definitely more versatile, but where would you place your printer?
{the desk of malene birger via full house)
it also makes me think of jen of made by girl‘s home office, featured here, where she pushed together two parsons desks. might that be the perfect compromise between a desire for less bulky pieces and the opposing need for extra space? i love the big wide desk in the space above and the fact that it could even be shared by two people. as an aside, i also like the idea of propping frames on shelves instead of hanging them directly onto the wall. what are your thoughts on this space and what seems to be a new trend in workspaces?

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  1. If I’ve got space, I love a large desk with maybe a couple of containers/boxes for bits and bobs. But other than that, I like space to spread out my stuff. The parson’s style is nice if it has the one shallow drawer underneath to hide some things. LOVE the shelves above for pics. : )

  2. I need tons of space to work! I can be a mess, so the more space, the better. I’d love to have a gigantic raspberry desk like Jenna Lyons and then a little armoire for my printer, etc. Things might get tricky, though.. I just know that if I can’t throw everything in one place at the end of the day, I’ll never take the time to clean up! So a desk without drawers could be a problem. But I like the idea 🙂

  3. I have a giant wide screen Mac…so maybe I am the wrong person to ask, but I love spreading out with tons of space for my stuff and paper work, files etc. Even better if its a big vast minimalist clean space! Love the idea of two parson desks so much!

  4. It’s interesting you bring this up, actually. When I was re-doing my office space, I refused to have a desk…I opted for a tulip table and then re-finished an antique dresser to hold all of my stationary supplies, and my printer on top. I love it! Also, it keeps me neat and tidy, because I cannot possibly crowd the desk up…

    I love this office above…the artwork and details make it all the more desirable…

    Hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂


  5. i would probably need 2 desks: a working desk, where i will be allowed to leave clutters whenever, and one that would tell people that i really keep my work area clean and tidy…they just don’t know the real truth till they see my work desk! have a great weekend..verbena cottage

  6. we have a huge mac for photo editing, plus having to do bills, and other stuff I say big is the way to go. Honestly I am hoping to come across one as big as the photo above. Now that would be splendid.

  7. I agree, I like to have room to spread out my stuff. I do have one of those desks that’s just a piece of glass on top of a couple of wood stands from Ikea and sometimes I wish I had some drawers, but my printer is wireless, so I keep it on a little side table next to the sofa in my office and all the other stuff on the bookshelves. I’m looking to redo a little bit, but I like the spacious feeling of the glass and nothing under the desk, or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it.

  8. I have a little blogging spot just for me, love the desk, the the upholstered chair but I never use it. I end up taking my laptop to the my favorite leather chair in the other room. lol

  9. I’ve never liked big desks, but like you, I always wonder where to store my stuff. I think it was Deliciously Organized that did a post a couple of weeks ago where they showed how you can store stuff in cute boxes instead of using drawers. I also like the idea of propping frames up, because I have total design ADD and am always wanting to change my art around.

  10. I’ve just been hemming and hawing over this very topic!

    I have a very big desk right now, and I’m finding post-college, I don’t use that much of the desk space. Plus I don’t like it cluttered on top, so it doesn’t actually offer much storage — it just takes up a big footprint.

    I might downsize to a smaller desk soon and use up the extra space to put some bookshelves on either side of it for storage!