i thought wrong

happy monday, my darling readers! how was your weekend? london has been lovely and, as always, the street style here has not disappointed! while we’re on the subject of style (aren’t we always?) i’d like your opinion on the following trend. you see, i thought oxford shoes were dreary and masculine, but then i saw these lovely ladies rocking the look:
and now… i think i thought wrong.
what’s your take?

19 thoughts on “i thought wrong

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  1. always thought they were a little dreary and masculine as well {have always been a heels girl}, but these look quite fresh and summery — perhaps in white or silver is the key?

  2. I thought this was one trend i would skip until i saw a gorgeous pair by steve madden. now I love them with dresses, skirts, and even shorts.

  3. I have been seeing them all over NYC lately, and I think they are cute. I would never wear them, but can see why people like them.

  4. LOVE THEM 🙂 I like simple ones, like Olivia’s …actually, Repetto has some beautiful ones, too, if you want to see more styles…I think they’re a must-have!