small space, big impact

i love the idea of using a small space like a bathroom or a closet to go all out with color and wallpaper that you might not dare try in a more prominent part of your home. here are a few of my favorite examples of bathrooms where this dramatic approach pays off:

one of my favorite designers experiments with a wild pink mirror and orange subway tile. the paisley shower curtain isn’t quite my taste, but don’t you love the color scheme?
happy wallpaper and cool art make this bathroom a sight to behold.
this bathroom is a prime example of risks with color paying off big-time. blue tile, black stone inlay, red/pink trimmed curtains, amazing white cabinetry, a little leopard print vanity chair… and somehow it just works.
big, bold, and blue. plus a mirrored vanity. i could make this work!

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  1. I’ve heard of this strategy for the guest room – a space to try a style you wouldn’t normally risk in your own bedroom/living room. But the bathroom! Now that’s a space I can experiment in!

    xx FujiFiles

  2. I am actually starting to crave more vibrant colors in my home. I am old enough – I don’t need to play more safe! (:

    I think that the last 3 images are fantastic! How fun! How can you possibly be cranky after leaving a bathroom like that!? And I also appreciate when people can think out of the box.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Cyber hug,


  3. Big impact is right!! That blue tile in the bathrooms is gorgeous! Such a great shade. Oh how I’d love to have a bathroom like that!

  4. Yup, I am SO down with that! If you could see the plans I have in my head for our bathrooms – dark red, graffiti, chandeliers, I doubt my husband will let it come to pass, but he might! Cheers!

  5. i always gravitate towards spa-like bathrooms but too afraid to take the risk of overdoing it with bold colors, but, your photos show the vibrant displays of colors and they look awesome! great photos!thanks for sharing… verbena cottage

  6. I absolutely agree! I’m dying to wallpaper a room in my little condo, and I’m thinking the bathroom or closet is just the space 😉 Love orange and pink…if only the hub did too!