Blank Canvases

happy friday, everyone! i’ll be spending the weekend dreaming of warmer weather since temperatures in tours have taken a turn for the frigid…
now i know you’re not supposed to wear white before memorial day but frankly i’m a little over that rule and i think that white is the perfect way to bring about some warmer weather around here. what do you think? let’s top off the week with some summery whites!

i love a painted white floor. the key to this space is its layers — subtly different whites used for the floorboards, the rug, the sofa, the armchair, the table, the lamp, the walls…
natural wood tones will do too, however. i like how low all the furniture is in this room… it’s very relaxed and unpretentious.
white walls and a cozy chaise create a spa-like oasis out of an unusually large bathroom. it even has a balcony!
i believe i spy one of my favorite flowers (tulips!) on the coffee table of this light and bright space.
i love, love, love this old school fireplace. isn’t it pretty in white?
an all white dressing room with enviable size and natural light would allow the clothes to steal the spotlight.
white freshens up built-ins and a clawfoot tub. wouldn’t you kill for that much storage?
the king of white pulls off another clean-cut space. more white floors!
one of the best features of white is that it creates a blank canvas for more colorful objects like this abundant bouquet. the shape of the table and chairs is fabulous.
the dark frame of the chairs highlights their unique shape and stands out against white walls and bookcases.
{jill stuart‘s home in elle decor}
a very white apartment (see the rest here!) uses strategic color in the form of art and pillows to brighten the space. isn’t she adorable?
have a lovely weekend, darlings!

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  1. How can you resist white?! Impossible! I just bought some white jeans and can’t help but wear them…I love white rooms, though, I do crave color quite a bit…

  2. Catching up on my reading here – and I love this post! Each image is gorgeous – and I think I love them all. They’re lovely, and I am definitely a color girl. But there is something about white on white, isn’t there? Great post!

  3. Love Jill Stewart and her white home, that I could never have with a Fisherman Captain, and 5 dogs. Love your blog, Trish told me I would, thanks for your sweet comment on my wordless wednesday post, and I am now following you for all this excitement. Come and visit me at the swing won’t you.

  4. Every now and again I feel like injecting more color into my life…and then a post like this. BEAUTIFUL! Happy weekend, Mackenzie!


  5. Hard to imagine cold weather right now as it’s nearly 90 here in Houston today…I’ll admit I’m a bit envious!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. These spaces are gorgeous but I always think these people must not be a klutz like me. How would I ever keep myself from spilling something all over these sofas?

  7. I’m totally over that rule too 🙂 These spaces are amazing. So dreamy!

    Hope u have a good weekend and that things warm up for u. Oh and I left u a little something on my blog today. xoxo

  8. i love white’s cleanliness and pureness! so calming and lovely 🙂 i need to get myself a white fur rug. . . have a beautiful weekend ♥

  9. Those white rooms are so soft and dreamy. I could soak in that tub for hours! I agree, the heck with the rules, I march to my own drum… if I want to wear it you can bet I’m putting it on!! xo