‘ray for the orange and the blue

there’s no doubt i’m a little biased since my school colors are orange and blue, but i thought we could all use some bright colors after friday’s post on predominantly white rooms. this color combination is certainly an unlikely one but i find that it can look good when done right.
i haven’t been able to get this color combo out of my head since i first saw it in this photo of the olsen twins — so fresh and unexpected!
as it turns out, this unlikely combination can be equally refreshing in interiors, as the design firm du moment proves in this funky orange and khaki space with turquoise accents.
it also works in the opposite colorway: a primarily light blue room with bold orange accents in the form of a throw pillow and a lively quilt.
orange and blue even works for a unique wedding palette!
i love this blue bed! the orange pillow is just the icing on the cake. gambrel keeps the rest of the room simple with neutral walls, fabrics, and flooring.
now it’s your turn. what do you think of orange and blue?

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  1. I love the orange + blue examples here…perfectly cheerful! I find even just a piece or two of orange is just enough to make a statement…I adore the padded headboard — so chic!


  2. Hey cutie pie! You know how much I love pink and green, but these oranges and blues are irresistible!!!! Hope you had a great week last week, I was thinking about you with all the design and architecture in New Orleans!! xoxo

  3. Orange and blue are my husband’s school colors, and ever since we registered for gifts for our wedding, he’s tried to convince me to decorate our house in orange and blue. I’m not quite there yet, but the combo is definitely growing on me! But knowing my husband, he’ll want to put a giant UF or Gator somewhere if I actually do it. Oh, boys….

  4. the olsen twins are some great trend starters, aren’t they. I love the pop of orange. I like those headboards… maybe I’ll have a DIY project ahead of me.


  5. depends on what shade of orange and what shade of blue! the picture of that room with the light blue walls and orange/blue comforter is AMAZING. those colors gnaw at my heart (in a beautiful way!)

  6. I love orange and blue especially turqoise/aqua blue. It always looks so stunning and fresh and a little different! Beautiful post and hope you are well!

  7. I’m really liking the orange with a very light blue!! Makes me think of oranges and the ocean, two of my very favorite things! Perfect for summer, if the weather ever warms up around here that is, brrrr.

  8. isnt that great combo? I have thought of this for a furniture with seat cover…i never started it but that’s another project i will add to my list…have a great week, mckenzie! verbena cottage

  9. How can you not love orange and blue?? Those two colors are soo fabulous together. I try to pair them every chance I get! But girl, the first picture of MK and A is my fave, of course 😉 They just never seem to get it wrong.

  10. Great photos! I’m obsessed with bright colors, and I especially love turquoise. I wanted my bridesmaids to wear turquoise so bad, at my wedding, but my mom disapproved. She said that it would clash with the red carpet…probably true. Now if it were an orange carpet??? Haha.