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i commented after spotting this space on christina’s blog and she wrote back saying she’d thought of my desk du jour feature when she posted it! if you’re not familiar with her blog… run, don’t walk. she is fabulous and her kiddies — twin girls and triplet boys! — are the cutest things you’ve ever seen.
detailed moulding + lacquered bookcases = my dream office. seriously this space feels like perfection to me. i even spy tulips in the corner!
p.s. on a totally unrelated note, what are your thoughts on twitter? use it? love it? recommend it? is it time for me to take the plunge?

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  1. I concur, GlamourCoach. Just look at those stylish bookcases surrounding the minimalistic table. Now this layout would really go well for the professionals like accountants or lawyers. That’s going to be a trendy office for them.

  2. Ooohh I want this office too!

    I joined twitter a while ago but never really knew how to use it…My friend just taught me so now I “tweet” (you’ll understand that term once you sign up haha)…Honestly tho, not so sure what the point of twitter is..I’m definately not addictive, and im definately not loving it, but it seems like others do!

  3. Lovely MacKenzie! I always say that a home without books make me nervous. Show what you read – show who you are! Stunning spot! And the mouldings, I did not see them until now. Divine!

    I only use twitter for giveaways (mine and others!) and an occasional post. I send out info. But never check. I am pretty useless, I realize now….

    A warm hug to you my friend,


  4. Love that chair, those shelves, oh my! 🙂 I think I’ve just found the twitter balance, when I first joined I felt too plugged in, if that’s possible 🙂 Now I updated once or twice a day and it’s the appropriate balance for me ~ have fun with it!

  5. What a dream office! I didn’t know Christina had triplets and twins — all I can say is WOW.

    I recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. I don’t use it that often but I’m finding it a good source of information.

    As for the World Cup even if it is in Africa I’m sure the atmosphere in Europe will be great when its game time. Its a pretty straightforward tournament to follow and I hope you enjoy it!

  6. l-o-v-e this look*
    as for twitter, still haven’t figured out the secret to maximizing its value, but i say go for it!
    xx, jane

  7. Love this! Off to check her blog…and, as for twitter, take the plunge, we can follow each other…why? Honestly, have no idea! I guess its more like why not? 🙂

  8. That IS an amazing bookcase. The white molding is particularly fabulous (and unique!). As for Twitter, never tried it…but I sort of feel like I’m connected enough as it is, ya know?

  9. Ohhh Twitter…mixed feelings…I love it for promoting PB, and I love reading other peoples tweets…but am not so good at tweeting myself…Summer time resolution, perhaps? Join! Jump in! The water is nice!

  10. Ahh, thanks, darling!

    Yes I agree with you, this space feels like perfection. I hope life equally feels like perfection for you. I really do think you are living the dream.

    I’m not a savvy Twitter user. I know some people really love it though.

  11. Wow, twins and then triplets?! That’s insane. Love the desk, still need to get one! Too many to choose from…

    As far as Twitter goes…don’t have it, don’t really think I need it. Just my opinion though, I’m sure you’ll get many different opinions about it. 🙂