amazing architecture

today i’m admiring the striking architectural detail in the following homes. it seems i’m daydreaming of geometry, symmetry, floor-to-ceiling windows, intricate mouldings, arched doorways…

this space is, to me, a rare example of dark trim done right. i’m typically a fan of white mouldings but here the rich color accentuates the bold detail surrounding the doorway, mimicked by the silhouette of the chair and the outline of the rug.
a curved desk tucked into a bay window — what could be better than that? truthfully i could do without the rest of the dreary furnishings…
who hasn’t imagined living the loft life? the high ceilings are spectacular and the archways on either side of the loft create delightful symmetry between the windows/doors on the left and the open space on the right.

this sunroom, however, is today’s pièce de résistance. french doors, glass walls, open windows… architecture truly is an art form.

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  1. Mackenzie, I don’t need many blogs I realize. I just need yours! You find the best. And I always learn something here. That sun room… The architecture. I have never seen anything like it. Talk about being on top of the world!

    Happy weekend my friend.


  2. Love the built-ins and that dark wood trim, I agree, it’s hard to do. We have dark wooden blinds in our bedroom, which is very light, and the contrast happened to work, but you have to be careful! Nice post Mackenzie! XO!

  3. love the bay windows! i could daydream at the desk for weeks on end! and the loft is fabulous too. when can I move in? 😉
    xx, jane

  4. I wish my desk sat in that huge, gorgeous bay window!!! So lovely! Although I would probably get nothing done, I would end up staring out at the world all day long =)

  5. The first one looks a bit like my parent’s house. And that one of the room over the water is amazing. I just love natural light. The more, the better! It also does wonders to your mood too. 🙂