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in interiors as in fashion, i admire a designer who isn’t afraid of color — and lots of it. (i’ll admire it’s an approach i’m struggling to incorporate into my own style!) interior designer frank roop is a mastermind when it comes to originating bold color palettes and leaving his signature touch on each space he creates.
roop makes a stunning staircase even better: there’s wainscoting on the walls, navy velvet on the bench, and a richly hued rug on the herringbone floors.
who else could make beige walls, white trim, forest green chairs, an acid green ottoman, a turquoise desk, and a fuchsia bench look this good? his work is truly one-of-a-kind.
a pretty little vignette from the room above.
he does love that acid green, doesn’t he? the vignette on the sofa table is to die for: crystal lamps, decorative boxes, and petits objets d’art.
is that turquoise tile i spy in the kitchen? here roop employs a gorgeous chandelier to draw attention to the beamed ceilings, one of my favorite features!
another room, another gorgeous light fixture. i love the unique shelving to either side of the fireplace.
a lime green lampshade is roop’s finishing touch for an otherwise more subtle space.
he does know how and when to take it down a notch, however. how beautiful is this living room? we’ve got colorblock curtains, various blue hues for fabrics (see the subtle variation of the throw pillows on the sofa), and lighting that illuminates the space in more ways than one.
what do you think of roop’s aesthetic? who are a few of your favorite interior designers?

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  1. You’ve introduced me to a wonderful designer! Many thanks. Loving the large, bold carpet in the corridor below the staircase in the first picture. It’s an unusual/unexpected placement but works perfectly 🙂

  2. Love Frank. And I so want that turquoise console table.

    Some of my favorite designers for color: Amanda Nisbet, Jamie Drake, Palmer Weiss, Katie Ridder.

  3. the vintage furniture on your second photo just caught my eye, beautiful! i know you have been busy these days but still manage to inspire us with your posts. thanks for your sweet comments, am really blessed to be surrounded by blogger friends like you! have a great week! verbena cottage

  4. Oh my…that first picture…the bench, the walls, everything! Beautiful inspiration. He’s a great designer…I, personally, have too many favorites to name 🙂

    Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


  5. I”m loving all of these rooms!! He is a man after my own heart with the acid green love. I wish that pale blue light fixture and acid green ottoman were in my house right now!

  6. Wow, I love all of these rooms here. My favorite has to be the one with the turquoise back splash. I’m hoping for a large dining area and kitchen like that, in my next home. So open! Love it! A perfect place for kids to have tons of room to run around, and so easy for entertaining too.

  7. Thanks for the intro to this very talented designer! Love all the different interiors featured here, will be sure to look for his work more often!