easy accessorizing

i have had a design crush on iomoi since i don’t remember when! i love their stationery and calling cards, not to mention their section for great gifts under $50… but today i’d like to direct your attention to their housewares, whose bright colors and graphic patterns will surely cheer up even the most boring setting. looking for an easy way to bring a little happiness into your home? at iomoi, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. bar cart missing something? aha! one of these beautiful ice buckets ($78) ought to do the trick.

2. not enough lucite in your life? now you know i love lucite… it sounds like you need to browse the selection of lucite trays ($100+).
3. desk looking more drab than fab? no problem. check out my desk du jour series for inspiration then add some custom paperweights for a quick fix!
what are your tips and finds for easy accessorizing?

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  1. I love iomoi so much, but I haven’t visited the site in a long time, must go back! I don’t think they had the ice buckets and lucite trays last time I looked, and I’m pretty sure I need some of those for summer!! Adorable.