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  1. I think it’s a lovely idea. Especially if you have something treasured, antique or just really really important to you… why no frame, preserve and enjoy it? Lovely concept and inspiration 🙂

  2. I love framed textiles, as well as wallpaper. For someone who does not want to invest in purchasing either or, it is a nice way to add style to a room.

  3. I definitely love this idea! I’m planning to do this with wallpaper since I keep finding gorgeous designs but I could never bring myself to paper a whole room. Not after the scraping horribleness that was removing the paper that was up when we moved in.

  4. A lot of girls used this to decorate their dorms in college. Most of the time you can’t hammer into the wall, so they would get framed fabric and lean it against the wall, to add color and get rid of the dingy white walls.