happy weekend!

for those of you who haven’t spent the past week traveling, congratulations on making it through the work week! thank you as always for your charming comments and emails — i’m sorry i’m a little behind in responding but of course i’ll get back to you as soon as i can! i’m wishing you all a wonderful weekend…
whether you’re on the road…
or home sweet home…
organizing indoors…

or entertaining out…
i hope your weekend includes a hint of whimsy…
and a whole lot of lovely.
’til monday, my dears!

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  1. So so Lovely! All these photos are just perfection. I’ll be entertaining at home 😉

    Have a wonderful memorial weekend Love!

  2. lovely images! you, too 😀

    i will be packing/moving/unpacking/rearranging furniture for my fiance who is moving in with me but has to work. good times 😛

  3. Oh my word, how cute is that little house!!! I want one, and I want to make it a girls only fancy, frilly, little hideaway. Cocktails and appetizers every evening, fancy tea and cakes every afternoon.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! My sister, #5, is actually backpacking in Europe right now, and for the next three weeks. I think she was in Prague yesterday. 🙂 She studied abroad last spring (2009) in Florence, Italy, and upon graduating last week, she wanted to get back to Europe and hit places she missed last year. Lucky girl!