playing catch up

today i’ll be scurrying around town to chip away at my to do list: a morning mani/pedi, an afternoon hair appointment, scheduling an interview for a summer internship i’m crossing my fingers for, and a bunch of little things in between: renewing my gym membership, seeking out the perfect graduation gift for my cousin (who might be reading today so email me if you’ve got any suggestions for a stylish seventeen-year-old!), and hopefully catching up with a few friends i haven’t seen in a while. in the mean time here’s a little wardrobe inspiration for taking your daily errands from blah to ta da!
is that a romper i see? kate walsh looks amazing in white with a pop of color from her shoes. what do you all think of rompers?
ellen pompeo proves just how chic mommy-to-be can be.
i’m kind of loving fellow redhead isla fisher in this matching scarf and sweater combo. blue is a great color on her!
reese witherspoon makes transitional dressing look easy as pie. i wish i could make a baseball cap look this good…
i love rachel bilson in this sweet little sundress. she’s one of hollywood’s best dressed if you ask me.
ladies and gents (will, that’s for you), what does this wonderful wednesday have in store for you?
{photos from day old news and just jared}

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  1. Excellent post for looking at and in addition very helpful. Now i’m surely happy anyone provided this particular more I’d like to produce a blog site on men’s erection issues.

  2. Isla Fisher always looks amazing…I adore her style:) That is such a great post and I adore your blog…Cant wait to explore more…Kisses and have a great day:)
    See you soon:)

  3. I love the casual and cool look. These photos are great. I love all these women you chose to put on your post.

    I look forward to reading more. Now following you.

    Rambles with Reese

  4. p.s. – I’m all over the rompers. Been wearing them in long and short for the past 2 years – well before anyone else was even talking about them. It’s the Suzanne Somers in me, I guess 🙂

  5. Glad you’re getting things accomplished. As for the romper, it looks amazing on Kate, but not so much on me. Love all of these images. They all look so stylish, but comfy. Love that!

  6. I wonder if Rachel’s dress is Cynthia Vincent. Anyway, mani pedi’s are the best. I am so excited to get one on Friday.

    🙂 marcie

  7. Love all your choices – + that so many of them were chic little petites. In a world of giants I love finding chic style in my size:)

  8. I love rompers and Kate Walsh does look amazing in hers! Rachel Bilson’s sundress is also super cute. Good luck with your interview!


  9. Good luck with you interview!!! And to answer your question, I want to love rompers some of them are really cute and they look so comfortable, but I’m not really sure I could pull one off without looking like am wearing pajamas.
    I am loving Rachel Bilson’s dress, so cute!

  10. I am playing catch up as well. My work needs a little attention. Though I can’t help but catch up with some of my fave bloggers first! Enjoy your short week!

  11. Isla Fisher looks amazing in that photo. Being a redhead, I’m sure you would look great too in blue! I’ve always wanted to visit Connecticut, I always hear how beautiful it is. Good luck with your internship interview!