let’s talk kitchens

what does yours look like? do you prefer light, bright, and white? i thought i did until i started falling in love with these darker options.
the homeowners balance dark floors and dark walls with plenty of white: cabinets, tiles, trim, and fabulous saarinen tulip chairs.
the perfect shade of pale gray on the walls is a happy medium between the black cabinetry and the whitewashed floors. don’t you love that window?
gwyneth paltrow’s high ceilings get a coat of white paint to keep her black cabinetry from taking over — and you know i love a chandelier in the kitchen!
a risk-taking designer pulls off a dark kitchen thanks to ample natural light and a pale tiled floor.
sommers takes a unique approach and counters the dark walls with a pop of turquoise at the door. like this space? check out camila’s look for less here.
it seems to me that it’s all about balance — offsetting the black and gray with white or even a dash of bright color. what do you think? could you handle a dark kitchen?

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  1. I actually prefer dark, bright and white! I have a dark gray wall in my kitchen that I love against the white subway tile, brown/gray hardwood floors and the stainless steel. And there’s just enough natural light that comes through our kitchen window for the brightness!

  2. Love these kitchens. My taste is so all over the place, I can only imagine what my house will look like. I love modern and simple, but then I love bright and cluttered. hahaha

  3. Hi darling!

    I don’t even view them as dark – because they are mixed with so much white. I could totally go that route! And even be unfaithful to my light gray kitchen!

    How is Mr. Adler? You lucky girl!

    ox, Mon

  4. mine is one teeny tiny countertop, sadly! i love these especially the third one–because, of course, i have a ridiculously out of control obsession with chandeliers [too!]. so chic and beautiful!

    p.s. youre such a daily stop of mine, i’ve added you to my blog roll!

  5. Mackenzie these kitchens are absolutely beautiful so yes please, let’s do talk kitchens.

    I’m with you. My first impulse is bright white, but the dark looks amazing and I would much rather go that way and throw in some white. The appliances always bring in some edge as well.

    Oh wow. Get me hence to 7-11 for a lotto ticket. ugh

  6. Gwyneth’s is lovely! The black doesn’t bother me when there is plenty of white balance it out.

    I think I prefer the 2nd one in pale gray. Clean but not stark. I do love that window!

  7. I used to be all about a bright white kitchen, but our kitchen has a fireplace so the white cabinets etc. would get too dirty too quickly. I love the look of Gwyneth’s kitchen, I’ve never thought of having black cabinets but I may consider it now! I do always find darker colors to be more “cozy” and warm and cozy is definitely my current mood when it comes to kitchens.

  8. I adore white kitchens! I can totally get the appeal of darker ones, but for myself I like the light. (Although I do like the idea of a black accent wall).

    As for books…I do read at least one a week. My husband makes fun of my nerdiness, but I’ve always been this way!

  9. We are so in sync! I posted the current state of our new kitchen today…pre-construction I was ALL about the white kitchen. White, pure, cabinets, white marble countertops, just a see of heavenly white. Now, of course when I have no time to change a thing, I am craving dark. Black. Like Gwyneths or Miles Redds (look it up if you haven’t seen it). I have to stick with my white countertops, but I have some tricks up my sleeve to darken it up a bit. SO yes, in answer to your question, I could definitely handle a dark kitchen.

  10. thanks for stopping by! – and umm i’m all over kitchens – i dunno what it is – but i LOVE a grand kitchen! – and i enjoy the dark cabinets! .. i was gonna get black cabinets for mine, but instead went for cherry ..

    NEW follower! – great lil spot!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~