party planning {garden party}

how could i forget? apart from our regularly scheduled programming, the charming catherine from the shiny pebble is hosting a little link party to celebrate her wildly popular designer challenge. i for one can’t wait to see what she makes of her dining room after all the design ideas from some of our favorite style-savvy bloggers. catherine’s planned a smokin’ texas get-together… so i thought i’d plan a little garden party for the day of!

i’ll get ready in my delightfully chic dressing room, overwhelmed by all the fabulous options from which to choose.
ultimately i’ll decide on a fabulous haute hippie number for a little afternoon sparkle.
my guests — that means you! — will arrive through my beautiful front gate, admiring our manicured lawn and topiary collection.

we’ll have plenty of time for strolls in the garden, enjoying the afternoon light and the smell of abundant summer flowers.
i’ll take guests on a little spin of the grounds since no design get-together would be complete without a home tour from the hostess.
we’ll savor a light afternoon meal with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables while swapping blogging and design stories and finally getting to know one another face to face.
i’ll serve a couple rounds of watermelon basil margaritas and thank em for sharing the recipe.
the table will be lined with gorgeous flowers in rich purples and lustrous pinks and everyone will compliment my fine taste before marveling at the wonderful company that our shared love of blogging has brought together.
darlings, do join me, will you? it will be a party for the ages.

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  1. I will be one of the leftovers! Still enjoying the party when all your beautiful guests (and did I see George Clooney?) have long left! You can’t get rid of me!

    ox, MOn

  2. Count me in, am boarding a plane from Sydney now.. Actually chartered a jet just to make it to your fabulous party!! 🙂

    Love what you have cooked up and your dress is amazing.

    See you in a few hours..

    xx Charlotta

  3. And I want that house! That swimming pool looks very similar to the one we had at a hotel in Egypt (a while ago!), it was our private pool! Thanks for saying hi over on my blog, am following!

  4. Definitely a party not to be missed. Not sure if it’s your perfect pool or your pretty patio that I love more. Off to find the right outfit!

  5. love this. the closet looks fab – however, have you ever been this neat in your entire life?! 🙂 if so, times have changed since high school

  6. Consider this my RSVP!
    I want a dressing room like that, wowza! And thanks for reminding me about the Watermelon Basil margarita – it’s been on my list since Em’s original post…sounds delish!

  7. Mackenzie, stunning & so fun, adore your little dress number!!

    Come & see what I have put together for Catherine’s soiree!

    Art by Karena